Monday, July 17, 2006

Ooo Goodie Katie is going to tell us how to solve the worlds problems

Viewers told her they want more perspective and "a better understanding of the ramifications of the news," she says. "I got the distinct sense they want us to go a little bit deeper" with historical background and "how is this relevant to their lives. (And) we heard from many people the news is just too depressing. Obviously, we can't sugar-coat what's going on, but there are cases where we can be more solution-oriented."

Despite pre-Katie promises of an evening news overhaul, don't look for radical changes, which could prove "too jarring" and turn off loyal, often older news viewers, CBS News president Sean McManus says. (Couric's newscast will also go multiplatform, with Web video, a blog, podcasting and radio simulcasts.)

The network's first goal is to gain a larger share of current news viewers: Under Bob Schieffer, the Evening News has already done so, adding 300,000 viewers this year, the only network newscast to increase its audience. Still, CBS remains a distant third, and "paltry" lead-ins from weaker local stations may make gains hard to come by, he says.

Gee I can't wait, Can You.... LOL

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