Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Lion Roars on TWO Fronts....

Reserve IDF division called up in wake of attack; Nasrallah: Prisoner swap only way to free soldiers
8 soldiers killed, 2 snatched in Hezbollah border attacks

By Amos Harel, Avi Issacharoff, Jack Khoury and Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondents, and Agencies

Eight Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed and two others were abducted Wednesday in attacks by guerillas from the militant Hezbollah organization.

The IDF had Wednesday afternoon sent troops across the border to search for the missing soldiers, marking the first incursion into Lebanon since the withdrawal in May 2000.

Army Radio reported large numbers of troops, as well as aircraft, were taking part in searches on the Lebanese side of the border.

GOC Northern Command Udi Adam told reporters that Israel plans to "push back" Hezbollah guerrillas controlling southern Lebanon, adding that the IDF has "no intention at the moment of involving Syria," which has great influence over Hezbollah.

"We think at the moment the debate is beween us and the government of Lebanon," he said.

"Israel holds the sovereign government of Lebanon as responsible for the action which emanated from its territory and for the safe return of the abducted soldiers."

"Israel must act with appropriate severity in response to this attack and it will do so. Israel will respond in a forthright and severe manner against the perpetrators responsible and will act to prevent future efforts and actions directed against Israel."

Now is the time that the US Fith Fleet should commit their entire air wing Plus the Squadron of Long Range B-1 Stealths that were moved last year off the coast of S Korea.

JOIN THIS FIGHT NOW! As the Israeli Air Force pounds Syria, now is the time to Hit Iran. Use the B-1s to Level it's Nuclear Reactor Sites, Strike hard on as many Primary Suspected Enrichment Sites as posiible.

While the Naval Air Wing FLATENS Irans Oil Fields. The UN, The Russians and The Chinese will Scream their asses off but fuck em. The threat that Iran has admitted THAT IT WANTS TO DESTROY ISRAEL is the only excuse we need to justify coming to the Aid Of our Strategic Partner Israel to defend Her from Nuclear Attack...

The Russians and The Chinese will immeadiatly have to change their tune with the realization that they just lost their #1 supplier of oil as long as we don't follow through with ground troops they will back down and the air wing will then be shifted to just hitting Iranian military assets along the Iraq Border. With this we would also get the added bonus of knowing that the other little shit with the bad hair will have second thoughts about missile launches, after he changes his pants.....

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