Friday, July 07, 2006

If I hear one more Democrat tout the Success of Clintons 1994 deal with N. Korea I'm gonna PUKE

The Deal that Bill Clinton signed and that Madeline Alldull brokered is THE DIRECT CAUSE for the N. Koreans to be able to threaten the world with Nuclear Bombs and Long Range missiles. Rather than involve other nations for leverage in the talks with N. Korea, the Clinton administration entered into Bi-lateral talks. They made a deal with the N. Koreans that if they PROMISED Not to build bombs or rockets That along with Money they would give the 2 soft water Nuclear Reactors and all the fuel for them that they needed. Now when this was proposed and then carried out by Clinton and the dipshit Alldull they were WARNED, "these Reactors will give the N. Koreans the Ability to make 100 nukes a year" Oh but the Kim I'm Ill promised he wouldn't do that, and he Promised that he would spend the BILLIONS of dollars we gave him to feed his people. Did he do that NO. Instead twelve years later we eat the bitter fruit of Clinton Diplomacy. He did build BOMBS with the material Given to him by Bill Clinton and arranged by Ms. Alldull, and he spent the money buying missile technology from the Pakistanis. NOT feeding his people.
So what do we see in the News nothing but Democrat Idiots Ms. Alldull and General Idiot Wesley Clark and the Governor that would be King Bill Richardson DEMANDING that the US forego Six Nation talks and Persue BI-LATERAL TALKS that were successful in 94. THESE 3 NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY EVALUATED!!!

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