Saturday, June 17, 2006


Can you imagine anything more dangerous than the United Nations, that immoral festering sore, having it's own permanent standing UN army with "rapid reaction capability" under the sole direct command of the UN? Me neither yet that is the recommendation of a book launched at the United Nations headquarters yesterday.

The proposals stem from A United Nations Emergency Peace Service to Prevent Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, envisioning a standing UN army that would "take action to prevent war and dire threats to human security and human rights" within 48 hours of UN authorization. According to the book, the need for a UN Emergency Peace service stems from "the international community's failure to stop genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and to avert 'ethnic cleansing' occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan." The book hinges the alleged need for this independent UN army on the claim that the UN has "no capacity to avert such catastrophes."

Of course that is A LIE! Lies and the UN kinda go hand in hand. The UN had forces on the ground in Rwanda but they were ordered not to interfere in the 1994 genocide, despite the pleadings of Gen. Romeo D'Allaire to intervene in the massacres. And who was one of the guys involved in the genocidal debacle? Oh yes, step forward Kofi Annan. Whatever happened to him??

Just imagine the mighty UN Army. Can you imagine how and where it might be deployed. First stop - Jerusalem! Time to teach those pesky Jews a lesson in "conflict resolution." Next stop - Belfast, shouldn't we just force Unionists into a United Ireland in the name of "conflict Resolution". Next stop - Washington. Time to arrest Bush and Cheney for "War Crimes"?

Of course there is the tiny detail as to which nations will provide the crack troops for this mighty UN army? Belgium, perhaps? Maybe the French? How about Spain, or Ireland? Mmm.
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