Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A True Representative of the Press


I see that former exalted British journalist Yvonne Ridley now turned uberMuslim after an enforced spell with the Taliban back in 2001, has urged British Muslims in east London to stop co-operating with police. Ridley, an elected member of Galloways "DisRespect" rabble army, believes that Muslims should not be assisting the London Police in any way whilst they insist in doing their best to protect Londoners against further Jihad attacks by
She believes that "her" community - ie the ROP - is being put under tremendous pressure and are very much the victims in this situation.
Ridley is a curious character. She married a PLO terrorist, bu (and?) was well loved within British media circles for it. After her release by the Taliban she remarked : ‘I see the shocking images of Guantanamo Bay and ... I thank Allah I was captured by the most evil and brutal regime in the world and not by the Americans.’ You can understand why Galloway liked her.
She's now an uberIslamist - a proselytiser for the Religion of Peace AND love - who is outraged that the Police might want to take action to stop further Jihad attacks by her co-coreligionists. She is a fifth columnist from the fourth estate who ignores the fact that 9/11, 11/3, 7/7 - AND so many other terrorist atrocities around the world have been carried out in the name of Islam.It is not Islam which is the victim, much as she pretends otherwise. Had she anything about her she should be apologising to those in London and elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom who have experienced just how much love some within the ROP hold for them.
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