Friday, June 02, 2006

A Short Rant

Listening to all the N.Y.s whine about getting less money for homeland security cracks me up. What arrogance. The have received over 3/4s of a Billion Dollars out of this program so far. Much more than any other City or State in the country. Not to mention that this money is all deficit spending. Last year they received 19% of the funds, this year they received 18% of the funds and they're spending a good portion of the money on line items like Police overtime which is a city expense not a national tax payer expense. One of the NY papers had the nerve to call the entire rest of the country The Hicks in the Sticks, I guess in their eyes if your not in NY your not worth saving. What they don't realize is that for the majority of us we feel that if your NY your NOT worth saving....

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