Monday, June 05, 2006

A Lecture From a Drunken Murderer

GOP says ‘I do’ to bigotry...
By Edward M. Kennedy
Monday, June 5, 2006

It's no wonder that the American people are frustrated with the Republican Congress. Americans deserve progress, but instead are bombarded with politics driven by fear and division. (the two bases of the Democrat platform) They deserve action on the challenges we face as a nation - an endless and costly war in Iraq, skyrocketing gas prices and soaring health-care costs. (yes Teddy knows how to deal with those 3 items Cut and Run, Raise Taxes on us and Gas companies, and try to seize control of 1/7 of our economy so some life long bureaucrat can tell you what medical procedure you can have done) Rather than dealing with real priorities, the Republican leadership is focused on writing discrimination into the Constitution. (It's called a defense of NORMALCY)
Just like the circus surrounding the Senate's effort to intrude into the Terry Schiavo case, today the Senate will begin debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment -(Terry Schiavo was more than likely choked by her husband leading to her condition and the whole effort was to put her care under the control of her parents rather than the man who put her in that condition, and was waiting for her to die so he could re-marry and spend Terry's money) a wholly inappropriate effort to override state courts and to intrude into individuals private lives and most personal decisions.
This so-called Federal Marriage Amendment should really be called the Republican Right Wing 2006 Electoral Strategy Amendment because it is more about rallying an extreme base to vote than about solving a problem. (BULLSHIT) The country is divided over gay marriage; within the laws of each state, there is ongoing debate in which Congress should not intervene. (Bullshit you Drunken Blowhard, every where that it has been on a ballot Protection of Marriage laws have passed with overwhelming majorities, and have then been OVERTURNED by activist Judges) A vote for this amendment is a vote for bigotry - pure and simple. A vote for it is a vote against civil unions, against domestic partnerships, and against efforts by states to treat gays and lesbians fairly under the law. (That is just a lie you Wet Brained Slob. If Lesbians and Gays want CIVIL UNIONS almost every state was giving them that. It wasn't until they INSISTED that it be called Marriage that THEY CREATED THE PROBLEM)
It's a vote to impose discrimination on all 50 states, denying them their right to interpret their own state constitutions and to pass their own state laws. (BULLSHIT)
The proposed amendment is inconsistent with our values and our humanity. (Whose values do you Represent you alcoholic Murderer) Americans believe in tearing down the walls of discrimination and inequality, not creating new barriers for civil rights. (The majority of Americans also believe in GOD and the sanctity of Marriage) For our entire history, each state has been able to address marriage and family law matters as each state sees fit. (yeah they were called Civil Unions)
I'm proud that Massachusetts continues to be a leader on marriage equality for our citizens. We recognize that being part of a family is a basic right, and I look forward to the day when every state - and every senator - accepts this basic principle of fairness. Marriage is a solemn commitment to plan a future together, to share in life's celebrations, and be a source of comfort easing life's burdens and pains. (how many times have you been caught Cheating on your First and Second Wives Teddy) Gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights as married couples under state law, including the right to be treated fairly by federal tax laws, to share insurance coverage, to visit loved ones in the hospital, to have health and family-leave benefits, and the many other protections that only come with marriage. (Bullshit they had achieved ALL those things under Civil Union Laws)
Instead of kicking off another political game, the Senate should get back to work on the real challenges facing our nation. (Like fighting the War on Terror and Sealing our Borders something you can't come up with any plan to do anything about You Blowhard) Two years ago, we defeated a disgraceful attempt to force this agenda into the Constitution and we're prepared to do so again. Once we do, Congress should focus on the issues that unite - rather than divide - us. (Don't ya just love being lectured to about morality from a Drunken Murderer that cheats on his wives and has passed his dissfunctional behavior onto to his Son Patrick and God knows how many others. This Ammendment will never pass because we have to many scumbags like Teddy on both sides of the isle. It's a shame this Ammendment would force the whole subject to a vote in each and every state, and then it would be settled. But that would take a rallying issue away from both sides and of course we can't have that. Its Election Time)
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee. (and is a Drunk and a Murderer)

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