Friday, June 30, 2006

"Iran eyes Syria and Lebanon for future missiles deployment"

Walid Phares quoted in al Muharrer: "Iran eyes Syria and Lebanon for future missiles deployment"

In an article titled “Iranian missiles in Syria and the Bekaa capable of reaching France, Great Britain and Germany,” al Muharrer weekly "wrote that “the analysis of Dr Walid Phares, Senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington, demonstrate that the ultimate strategic aim of the Ahmedinijad regime is to deploy its missiles in Syria, and in some locations in Lebanon as a way to put a number of European countries and the Sixth Fleet under its reach.” The article says it has confirmed this analysis with sources from Western defense in the US, Britain and within moderate Arab countries. Arabic -July 1, 2006. (Read article in Arabic at Download al_muharrer_quote1.pdf).
Regardless of the article's sources, the gist of it focus on the convergence of analysis between the US, Europe and a number of Arab Governments that Iran is strategically decided to expand its military influence in the region and it will use its strategic relations with Syria to perform future deployments.
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