Thursday, May 04, 2006


From David Vance of A Tangled Web

I note that the moral cesspit of the United Nations has decided to honour as a "Champion of the Earth" an Iranian terrorist called Massoumeh Ebtekar aka "Screaming Mary".
She won the award for her "creativity, vision and leadership, and the potential of her work and ideas for replication across the globe."
So, who is Ms Ebtekar aka "Screaming Mary? She was given her nickname by the American press during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis when she was spokesperson for the hostage-takers.

"...,she was especially disliked by many of the part because of her endless propagandizing. She would saunter through the captured embassy with a camera crew in tow, urging the hostages to describe their ordeal in upbeat terms. "You have been treated well, haven't you?" was her constant refrain. During one such filming session, in the final days of captivity, Army Sergeant Regis Regan got so fed up with Ebtekar that he let loose with a stream of invective and was dragged into a hallway for a beating"

This is what the United Nations rewards.

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