Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Mayhem!

Any company that had to shut its doors today due to lack of workers needs to have the IRS and the INS scouring their books and workers tommorow.

Today's Protests Shutter L.A.'s Produce and Garment Districts
By Jesus Sanchez, Times Staff Writer4:47 PM PDT, May 1, 2006
The normally bustling downtown Los Angeles produce and garment districts were virtually shut down today, and truck traffic at the ports was down sharply after many employees protesting the nation's immigration policy's did not show up for work.The dearth of activity in the produce and garment districts, both heavily dependent on immigrant labor, was so far the most dramatic sign of the impact of today's organized immigration protests on local commerce. Only sporadic business closures and staffing shortages reported across the remainder of Southern California.

One State is getting it RIGHT!
Arizona calls for crackdown as immigrants protest
By David Schwartz
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Lawmakers in Arizona, a fast-growing border state that is the biggest U.S. entry point for illegal immigrants, called for a crackdown on undocumented workers on Monday, as millions nationwide protested to demand new rights and respect for foreign residents.
Republican legislators prepared to introduce potentially one of the toughest state anti-immigrant proposals, a $100 million package that would deploy National Guard troops to the desert border with Mexico and use radar to track anyone trying to sneak across the border.

This is how the MSM is SPINNING the issue.
NEW YORK (CNN) -- We all awoke to headlines in our nation's most important newspapers reminding us that this is "A Day Without Immigrants." Not illegal immigrants, mind you, but immigrants.

USA Today headlined today's demonstrations and boycott "On Immigration's Front Lines." The New York Times headlines its story "With Calls for Boycott by Immigrants, Employers Gird for Unknown." The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times are both calling their coverage "The Immigration Debate."

These major newspapers obviously don't want to disturb their readers with the information that today's demonstrations and boycott are about illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens.

CNN and Fox News are both using a banner calling their coverage "A Day Without Immigrants," while MSNBC is titling its coverage "Immigrant Anger."

Most of the mainstream media has been absolutely co-opted by the open borders and illegal immigration advocates.

On all the "News Shows" with all the pundits NO ONE is asking the question "OK we give the 20million that are here now Amnesty, what do we do with the next 20million that are pouring over the border as we speak?"

These People are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS they need to be dealt with PERIOD. The BORDER needs to be SECURED. Build the Damn WALL and fine any company found with an ILLEGAL working for them $10,000 an ILLEGAL and the jobs will dry up and they will go HOME on their own.

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