Thursday, May 11, 2006

From David Vance of A Tangled Web


So, the United Nations has a "unique moral authority"? That is certainly what those on the political left like to imagine. So yesterday the United Nations General Assembly elected Cuba, China and Saudi Arabia to the new Human Rights Council, putting these notorious abusers on a panel created to replace its discredited predecessor.
Cuba, for its part, hailed its election to the Human Rights Council as a "resounding victory" for the communist regime and a "defeat" for the United States.
In a UN moment of surrealism, and despite the inclusion of serial human rights abusers, UN chief Kofi Annan welcomed the new council's election and the high rate of participation! (I bet! Every thuggocracy around the world must be in the queue for membership of this fine body!)
I guess the beheaders from Saudi, the torturers from Cuba and the State killers in China will add a special new dimension to that existing truly "unique" UN moral authority

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