Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What if ???????

Cuba Got Nukes from Iran?

President lauds "strong" Iran-Cuba ties
April 26, IRNA

Iran-Cuba-President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during a meeting with visiting Cuban Minister of State Ricardo Cabrisas, on Tuesday praised the "strong and cordial" relations between Tehran and Havana, saying they reflect the two countries' shared aspirations.
The president thanked the Cuban government for its support for Tehran's indisputable right to acquire civilian nuclear technology and expressed hope ties between the two capitals would receive a further boost.
"Fortunately, conditions in South America are undergoing rapid change in favor of its nations and the imperialist power (US) is increasingly losing its influence there," President Ahmadinejad told Cabrisas.
He called on all "vigilant nations" of South America to use the opportunity open to further strengthen their freedom and independence.
President Ahmadinejad expressed the hope Tehran and Havana would use their current potentials to enhance bilateral cooperation, particularly in the economic, industrial and medical fields.
Cabrisas, for his part, welcomed Tehran's recent success in the nuclear energy field, particularly its completion of the nuclear fuel cycle.
He said that the two countries "strong" relations would increase prospects for wider political, economic and trade relations.
Cabrisas also said Havana was keen to cement its cordial ties with Tehran more than ever before.

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