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Thinking of joining another Blogburst

I participate in the Jack Idema Blogburst, Now there is another Blogburst about THE BORDER. This has always been one of my issues. I am going to write to the people who do it and feel them out, but I would also appreciate some feedback from those that visit My site. Here is a sample of their Burst.
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April 10, 2006
A Welfare State With Illegal Immigration Offers Companies a Better Deal Than Slavery
by IndependentConservative @ 1:24 pm. Filed under Illegal Aliens
Let me start by saying I don’t endorse either slavery or illegal immigration. But looking at things from the economic standpoint of a company that hires illegals today versus the use of slave labor in the 18th and 19th centuries, illegal immigration offers companies a better deal than any slave owner ever had. The reason is the modern day welfare state that is known as America.
During American slavery, the slave owner was responsible for the total care of the slave. Although slave masters did this “on the cheap” they had to provide housing, food, clothing and medical care for the slave and their entire family. This resulted in the institution of slavery being more of a loss than gain over time. The only other option was to grant freedom to slaves who were a great expense, but that involved the strain of possibly breaking a family. Separating families often resulted in the other slaves trying harder to escape to be with loved ones. Non-profitable slaves were not sellable, because nobody else wanted the burden. This was the slave master’s dilemma, that people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin figured out. They realized that slavery was not financially good over time. Because the “free labor” was not really “free”, given the need to provide full care to the slave labor force. This in addition to the expense of buying a slave in the first place.
Today’s employer of illegal immigrants does not have any of the hassles experienced by slave owners. The employer of illegals offers them a very small salary and no benefits. Which means such an employer never runs the risk of going cash-flow-negative on labor costs. They can adjust wages at will, because they will always find an illegal that is willing to accept the rate. This is the reason Cesar Chavez once disliked illegal immigration. If one set of illegals tried to “strike” for better wages, the company would simply replace them with new illegals that were willing to accept the pay rate offered to them.
So the employer of illegals has no direct issues with having to fund housing, medical or the expense of educating the children of illegal immigrants. These are are expenses that American taxpayers have been funding. Government (funded by taxpayers) helps illegals secure home loans and encourages banks to give them out. Government (funded by taxpayers) is picking up the medical expenses of illegals. Government (funded by taxpayers) is educating the children of illegal aliens.
You may have seen the CNN Special “Immigrant Nation: Divided Nation”. If you did, you saw profiles of illegals who live in my county of Gwinnett Georgia. The show often tried to make granting amnesty to illegals look like a good thing, but like the slave master’s dilemma, even the tax paying illegals do not come close to covering the expenses involved in caring for them.
Excerpts from, Transcript of CNN Special Report - Immigrant Nation: Divided Nation
…HINOJOSA: Ten years ago when I first came to Georgia, I asked people if there
was a Latino neighborhood, or barrio. I got a lot of strange looks.
Now I’m
here in the heart of just one of the many Latino barrios in Georgia. I can get
some of the best tacos outside of Mexico right here 24 hours a day. The home of
Martin Luther King, the state that gave us the civil rights movement, is now
home to half a million Latinos, a 300 percent increase in a decade.…HINOJOSA:
Estimates vary, but somewhere between 7 and 20 million people are living in this
country illegally, one of the largest populations of undocumented immigrants in
the world. Most of them come across this border. According to the U.S.
government, over 1 million were caught last year alone.
This latest wave of
immigrants has spread far beyond the southwest and the West Coast. Latino
immigrant communities are now fixtures across the nation, especially in the
south, in places like Gwinnett County, Georgia.…HINOJOSA: Rosa first came to
Georgia two years ago, all alone.
Last year, unable to bear the separation
any longer, Rosa paid a smuggler $5,000 to wade her children across the river at
night, but they were caught at a checkpoint and immediately deported. Rosa faced
a difficult decision.
ROSA (through translator): I told my daughter, you have
two options. I either stay in Mexico with you, or I will leave for the States
for another year in preparation to bring the two of you. Then my daughter told
me to return to the States so I could bring them eventually.…HERCHEK: I’m afraid
that America could become a third world country. We’re importing poverty by
millions every year.…HINOJOSA (on camera): The numbers say it all. Ten years
ago, these schools served very few Spanish-speaking students. In 2003, one out
of 10 students listed Spanish as their primary language, $26 million will be
spent in Gwinnett County in English language services.…HINOJOSA: Federal law
says people are entitled to emergency medical care, whether or not they’re in
this country legally. In one year Georgia paid $58 million in emergency Medicaid
reimbursement for undocumented immigrants.…The smugglers will be paid almost
$6,000 by Rosa if they were successful, would show border agents false papers
for the children. They didn’t make it.
Despite their fake papers, Junior and
Rosita were detained. The smugglers were arrested. The children were returned to
Mexico and reunited with their grandmother. Despite the set back, Rosa vows to
try again.
ROSA (through translator): I will keep trying to bring them. The
sooner the better. If in 15 days I find someone to bring them here, then we will
try again with them.…
Unlike slavery, with illegal immigration the burden of expenses is carried by the entire nation. So instead of individual plantation owners having to endure the expenses of supposedly cheap labor, it is a burden carried by taxpaying Americans. It is my family that endures pain, while waiting behind illegals for medical care. It is my tax dollars that pay for education of illegals, that by school rules have 6 years to learn English and many drop out before ever finishing school. So they take up much space and expense, while not even learning much during the process. While school time is spent on illegals, it diverts resources and teaching time away from children in a legal family. And I’m not even going to get into the issues with gangs. (That would require it’s own post.) The issues I see here in Gwinnett County, Georgia will only get worse with anything that encourages illegal immigration or makes them feel they will be rewarded. And the issues will get worse for America. The nation will not be able to sustain the expense of this dilemma for much longer. It is causing the nation to engage in a race to the bottom and then we all lose.
This is why we here in Georgia hope governor Sonny Purdue will stop stalling and sign the bill that will take some of the welfare state benefits away from illegals. This will discourage them from staying.
America’s borders need to be secured and the only means made for immigration should be via the current legalization process. What employers of illegals see as a “resource” is really a great expense. Immigration requires regulation to prevent this nation’s collapse.

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