Monday, April 24, 2006

Sandy Berger Appointee Fired By CIA for Leak

THE OUTRAGE this Weekend of every Democrat Talking Head on all the Sunday Shows flouting praise on this TRAITOROUS WHORE! This Traitor LEAKED information that put REAL AGENTS LIVES in DANGER. This woman was appointed by Sandy Berger who got caught stuffing CLASSIFIED documents in his pants. She worked with a former member of the NSA who went to work for the Kerry Campaign, who stated while he acted as Kerry's Foreign Affairs Advisor that he still had ACCESS to classified information from his CONTACT in the CIA. She also worked at the Africa Desk with Joe Wilson. I don't know about you but if you ask me something STINKS!

I find it SHAMEFUL that all the Democrat talking Heads are trying to equate Bush declassifyng information to combat LIES Submitted by Joe Wilson. That have been proven to be lies, to the Distribution of SECRET FILES for political GAIN, That also placed REAL AGENTS lives in danger not FAKE Agents like Valerie Shame. It has been PROVEN that she was NOT a covert agent and NO crime was committed. Yet if YOU believe that that is the same as what this POLITICAL HACK has done your as big as an ASSHOLE as they think you are.

Courtesy Rush

NBC: CIA Officer Mary McCarthy, Appointed by Sandy Berger, Fired after Admitting Leak

1998: Sandy Berger Appoints Mary McCarthy Special Assistant for Intelligence

WorldNetDaily: Public Records Show McCarthy Donated $2,000 to Kerry Presidential Campaign Mary O. McCarthy Donated $7,000 Total to Democrats in '04

Full Recap: Sandy Burglar & Trousergate

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