Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lets Bomb them and see!

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Apr. 15 – A top Iranian military commander said on Friday that the Islamic Republic’s Army and Revolutionary Guards “are today in a situation to make the Oppressor World [the United States and its allies] feel the great powers that are at Iran’s disposal”, the state-run news agency Mehr reported.

Brigadier General Mohammad-Hossein Dadras, commander of the regular Iranian army’s ground forces, said Iran’s military has identified “the enemies’ weak spots” in the region and its missile capabilities would guarantee Iran’s “national interests”.

“We have identified and studied the enemies’ strong and weak spots in the region regarding ground, sea, and air forces”, Dadras said at the Friday prayers ceremony in Tehran.

“Today, we have in the country that which is adequate to face threats. Right now, we have that thing which, when required, will land on the enemy’s weak spot. The enemies know this”, Dadras said.

“We do not need foreign support. We have an adequate missile capability which can guarantee our national interests”, he said.

“Iran’s capability is such that no one dares to come near it. If they do they will return with no success”.

Alluding to the border with Iraq and Afghanistan, the army chief said that Iran has six military divisions based at “strategic and operational points”.

He described Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a “pillar of power of the Islamic Republic”.

“We are very capable in dealing with the enemy in a military confrontation. We have never been so strong as we are today”, General Dadras told the Friday prayers congregation over a chorus of “Death to America”.

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