Monday, April 24, 2006

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New Questions Arise About CIA Leaker & Washington Post Reporter’s Political Motivations
(SAN FRANCISCO) – The nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization, Move America Forward (website: has uncovered new ties between disgraced CIA leaker, Mary McCarthy, and Washington Post reporter, Dana Priest.
Priest was the reporter who received a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on classified information on the war on terrorism that CIA analyst Mary McCarthy leaked to her in violation of U.S. law. The case has been referred to the Justice Department for possible prosecution.
Move America Forward has learned that McCarthy and Priest had other intersecting interests. McCarthy’s political involvement suggests a coordinated effort by former Clinton Administration officials to proactively undermine the war on terrorism to advance their political interests.
“This cast of characters also has a bad habit of breaching U.S. security when it serves their own political agenda, and that is disgraceful behavior,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of the Move America Forward.
Mary McCarthy has a well-documented history of making political contributions to individuals opposed to the Bush Administration’s anti-terrorism policies. The most recent political contributions by McCarthy were made just last month – two contributions made to Democrat Joseph Sestak, who is challenging Republican congressman Curt Weldon for Congress.
McCarthy’s support for Sestak is interesting for two reasons. First, Sestak served as Director for Defense Policy at the National Security Council (NSC) during the Clinton Administration. McCarthy was a Special Assistant to President Clinton and also a Senior Director at the NSC during the Clinton Administration.
Second, Sestak’s opposition to Weldon is noteworthy because of the national recognition Weldon has received for calling attention to the Able Danger scandal. The Able Danger matter involves claims that some of the 9/11 terrorists were identified during the Clinton Administration, which failed to take action to detain the terrorists.
Weldon’s investigation into the failures of Clinton’s national security personnel to prevent the 9/11 attack on America apparently was not well received by Washington Post reporter, Dana Priest. A June 9, 2005 story in the Washington Post by Priest belittled Weldon and his book “Countdown to Terror” and made un-sourced ad hominine attacks against him.
Weldon complained in a letter to the Washington Post that Priest’s article was “grossly inaccurate on what little of my book is described,” and that she “gives the false impression that she interviewed me, when she did not.” Weldon further protested that Priest, “misleads readers into thinking that I support a war against Iran, when in fact I do not.”
The Washington Post refused to publish Weldon’s letter pointing out Ms. Priest’s inaccuracies, mischaracterizations and the fact that she never even interviewed Weldon for the story.
It should also be noted that the man who organized the Sestak fundraising effort that Mary McCarthy participated in was none other than Sandy Berger, the former National Security Adviser to President Bill Clinton. Berger admitted to federal investigators that he removed and destroyed classified terrorism documents, which may have been embarrassing to Clinton administration officials.
The Sestak campaign has been organized largely with the backing of Senator John Kerry, 2004 Democrat candidate for President and frequent critic of the Bush Administration’s handling of the war against terrorism. Sestak has said his early contributions were raised through Kerry’s political action committee, Keeping America’s Promise, and from an email Kerry sent out supporting Sestak.
Federal Election records show that Ms. McCarthy gave $7,000 to John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign (including $5,000 to the Ohio Democrat Party in support of Kerry’s campaign) as well as contributions to the Democratic National Committee.
These contributions are consistent with the pattern of former Clinton national security staff involving themselves in political races to undermine the war on terrorism. What has received less scrutiny has been Mary McCarthy’s political support for 2002 Minnesota Democratic congressional candidate Steven Peter Andreasen.
Andreasen was backed by the same coalition of former Clinton Administration officials, including Sandy Berger (contributed $1,000) and Richard Clarke (contributed $2,000). Clarke made international headlines when he too made public criticisms of the Bush Administration’s handling of the war against terrorism and decision to use military force in Iraq.
Melanie Morgan announced that Move America Forward is going to “commit its full focus and resources to uncovering the facts to find out who is involved in undermining our nation’s fight against terrorism.
“The conduct by Clinton Administration NSC officials stinks to high heaven. We have Clinton’s NSC top dog, Sandy Berger, stuffing into his underwear highly classified documents about the Clinton Administration’s mishandling of the terrorist threat. Then you have a former Clinton Administration NSC official, Mary McCarthy, leaking top-secret information about our efforts to detain terrorists to the press.
“A pattern is starting to emerge of former Clinton Administration officials working to undermine the fight against terrorism so that they may advance their political motivations. We will not tolerate this and we will work to expose all those who may be involved in this shameful conduct,” concluded Morgan.

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