Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another of my Favorite Idiots

Why Imamadjihad will be able to build his Nukes

RUSH: So let's go to Hardball last night. Chris Matthews interviewing the Senate presidential hopeful, Joe Biden . Question: "If we woke up tomorrow morning and the president's already taken the action, would the senators, would Hillary Clinton stand up and salute like she did in the last war? Would all the Democrats, sort of the regular Democrats, say we gotta back the president, rally around the flag? That's what I fear, that he knows he can get away with that, that your party won't challenge him because Hillary won't challenge him on Iraq yet. Just waiting for somebody to stand up and say, 'You can't act, Mr. President, like this is a dictatorship. You just can't act on your own in Iran.'"

BIDEN: Well, I'll say it right now, "You can't act, Mr. President. If you do act, Mr. President, it is clearly against our interests for you to do that. This is a nation of 70 million people, Mr. President. You already have us in deep trouble because of the incompetence of your civilian leadership, Mr. President, in Iraq. In Iraq we're a long way from being able to be victorious, Mr. President. For God's sake, don't make another stupid mistake."
Thanks Rush

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