Monday, March 13, 2006

Why we Still have Strong Chance to hold everything in 06 Elections

The Dems just can't stop shooting themselves in the foot. Get a load of this Idiot. After trying to convince the American people that the Dems all of a sudden found religion on National Security by making a a mountain out of a mole hill with the ports deal. They still can't control Idiots like Feingold. Here he is calling for the President to be censured over his domestic wiretapping program. What a Maroon! Duh were for National Security but ya aren't allowed to wiretap TERRORISTS... LOL

Feingold seeks rare censure of president
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A prominent Democratic senator introduced a resolution Monday calling for President Bush to be censured over his domestic wiretapping program.
"When the president of the United States breaks the law, he must be held accountable," Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold told the Senate.

Like I said what a Maroon, you can't make up comedy this good.

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