Thursday, March 09, 2006

Strategy and the Lack Thereof

If we look at the Democrat Strategy it's simple. Bush lied and therefore can't be trusted. It doesn't matter what the issue, he lied. That's their whole game plan. He lied on WMD, he lied on the reasons for the war, he lied about his tax cuts because the deficit has gone up, he lied about the NSA listening program, and now he has lied about the ports deal. It doesn't matter that he has not lied about any of these issues, what matters is that the press has echoed the same sentiment for the last 6 years. Repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. It's the oldest political strategy in American politics.

Where the Republicans screw up is their total lack of balls. They don't know how to be leaders, and their are no Gingriches to sell a strategic plan for victory. The Republicans have the upper hand on every issue that has faced us in the last 6 years. The intelligence on the war was sound, and every Democrat agreed with it. Yet do they exploit the Dems on this? NO. Tax cuts have always improved the economy, our economy is stronger today than it was before 9/11. Yet once again they don't take the opportunity to pound on any Democrat that decries the deficit as the fault of tax cuts, or the true condition of the economy. Not one Democrat wants to END the NSA listening program. What they want is the congress to oversee it and take it out of the hands of the president. Yet once again the Republicans refuse to exploit their duplicity. Including the Dubai deal. The Dems are right it's a shitty deal but they are trying to sell themselves as opposing it on the grounds of national security. Give me a break. The Dems would allow Osama Bin Laden to walk naked through Times Square and object when he was arrested for indecency and because of that have all the terror charges against him dropped as part of it, Saying his civil liberties were violated by arresting him when he was only practicing his rights as a nudist cleric.

The danger the Republicans face now and in the upcoming election is that even though the Dems are imploding as a party, they can still defeat the Republicans in one way UNITY against them. It never fails, no matter what the issue the right can't hold the party together. Regardless of the proven fact that whenever someone runs on strong conservative positions they win usually in a landslide. There are always a couple of members that can't grasp the fact that to win and lead they must stand together on the agenda and the votes. The Democrats mastered this decades ago. No matter how many self proclaimed individualists they have the party moves as one. Every election they project themselves as being the middle when the facts prove that they are far from it. They get away with it for two reasons, 1 they quiet the extremists during campaign season, and 2 the press NEVER calls them on the fact that their votes don't match their rhetoric.

Newt Gingrich orchestrated the take over of the house by nationalizing local elections. What he did was actually very simple. The chances of someone on the right doing it again are non existent at this time. This group of village idiots can't even remain cohesive on National Security let alone a national platform. If we lose control of the house we put the lives of the average American at risk. The house in the controls of the Dems would mean 2 years of nothing but political investigations aimed at destroying the President and therefore the Republicans. What the result would be though is a destruction of our ability to conduct the war. Our enemies are not going away. They have vowed that they want to and will kill as many of us as possible. 2 years of gridlock would remove all the programs that we are using to fight the war and then they would blame the President and the Republicans for any attacks that occur. This can not be allowed to happen. The problem is - will the republicans get their act together or not? This summer will be the deciding factor.

The issues are out there to not only maintain control but even gain seats and strength. Will no one on the right take up the baton? Are we doomed? Where is our voice?

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