Friday, March 31, 2006

Cut Me a Break and You better show Me RESPECT!

All I'm gonna do is break into your house, eat about 25% of your food, tap your bank account for about 30% of what's in it and use your blue cross & blue shield card but don't worry the bills will still come in your name, oh and by the way I'm gonna live in your basement.

In exchange though I will clean your toilet since being a lazy American that job is beneath you. What I DEMAND of you is that you don't call the Cops and you show me the respect that I deserve.

That's the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION issue in a nut shell.

That is what our POLITICIANS are telling us we must accept. If you don't accept it your a Bigoted Isolationist Racist member of the Klu Klux Klan.

This is NOT an immigration issue this is NOT a CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE. This is a matter of LAW. Our fore fathers were immigrants. They came to this country LEGALLY. They didn't Break In and then DEMAND to be citizens.

The Republican Party has lost the 2006 election on this issue and this issue alone. The base will not vote for Democrats but they sure as Hell aren't going to vote for any of these clowns that are backing AMNESTY for the CRIMALIENS.

So we will spend the next two years dealing with the early withdraw of our troops in Iraq, Iran getting its Nuclear Bomb, The Repeal of the Patriot act, The end of ALL surveillance of Terrorists inside our country and Two years of Impeachment hearings.

This will also result in a Chemical or Nuclear Attack inside the Borders of our country with thousands dead and dying. All for the sake of guaranteeing a permanent class of SLAVES to pick strawberries.

Thank You John McCain (Traitorous Scum) and all the other Republican assholes in the Senate that are more worried about ILLEGALS that can't vote rather than the Millions of us that are going to refuse to come out and vote.

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