Sunday, March 05, 2006

Behold the Peace of Islam: Picture of the Week

Mohammed Taheri-azar can't hide his grin after running down 9 students. Oddly enough, this isn't even the first time that this has happened in North Carolina.

Current: Latest information on events at Chapel Hill: The 22-year-old driver left the street in a rented silver Jeep Cherokee and drove it into an a pedestrian area known as "the Pit." Nine students were injured, but none seriously. The driver then left the area and called police from a payphone, making insinuations that there might be a bomb at his apartment (no bomb was found).
Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar is a former student from Iran, who recently graduated with a dual degree in psychology and philosophy from UNC. He indicated to an FBI agent that his actions were a deliberate act of retribution against Americans for the treatment of Muslims. He is charged with nine counts of attempted murder and is held on a $5.5 million bond.

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