Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Bastards are giving them AMNESTY

Its time to clean house and cause an uproar like they have never seen. We The People need to make these Bastards sweat. Every AMERICAN Left or Right needs to contact their Senator and House Rep and FLOOD THEM WITH GRIEF.

The ILLEGAL ALIENS that have broken into our house do not deserve CITIZENSHIP the need to be DEPORTED.

Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill

AP Special Correspondent
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate Judiciary Committee approved sweeping election-year legislation Monday that clears the way for 11 million illegal aliens to seek U.S. citizenship, a victory for demonstrators who had spilled into the streets by the hundreds of thousands demanding better treatment for immigrants. They are NOT immigrants they are ILLEGAL CRIMINALS that have broken into our house and are stealing our money, security, jobs, and bankrupting several states and our Healthcare system.

With a bipartisan coalition in control, the committee also voted down proposed criminal penalties on immigrants found to be in the country illegally. It approved a new temporary program allowing entry for 1.5 million workers seeking jobs in the agriculture industry.

"All Americans wanted fairness and they got it this evening," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., who played a pivotal role in drafting the legislation. NO Senator Kennedy what you just did was give the OK to CRIMINALS to ROB US. This is NOT Fairness. Fairness is applying for PERMISSION to enter our Country. Like generation after generation has done before.

There was no immediate reaction from the White House, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said he hoped President Bush would participate in efforts to fashion consensus legislation. "The only thing that's off the table is inaction," said Graham, who voted for the committee bill.
The 12-6 vote broke down along unusual lines, with a majority of the panel's Republicans opposed to the measure even though their party controls the Senate. AMNESTY is WORSE than inaction Senator. We would be better off if YOU did nothing than to BETRAY your country in this manner.

Committee chairman Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania was one of four Republicans to support the bill, but he signaled strongly that some of the more controversial provisions could well be changed when the measure reaches the Senate floor. That is "very frequently" the case when efforts to reach a broad bipartisan compromise falter, he noted. Specter your an ASS and I can't wait to vote against you and help Campaign for anyone that runs against you.

The bill would double the Border Patrol and authorizes a "virtual wall" of unmanned vehicles, cameras and sensors to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border. No build a real wall topped by an electric fence and sentries with 50 caliber machine guns.

The most controversial provision would permit illegal aliens currently in the country to apply for citizenship without first having to return home, a process that would take at least six years or more. They would have to pay a fine, learn English, study American civics, demonstrate they had paid their taxes and take their place behind other applicants for citizenship, according to aides to Kennedy. In other words NO PENALTIES for breaking into our house.

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain, a potential presidential contender who worked with Kennedy on the issue, told reporters the street demonstrations had made an impact. "All those people who were demonstrating are not here illegally. They are the children and grandchildren" of those who may have been, he said. So now Mexican Tactics are what count in American politics. Mexico and other south American countries have protests like this all the time, it's the only way that their citizens can be heard. Well don't worry Senator you'll hear the American Public when you FAIL to get the nomination. You traitorous SCUM.

Senators on all sides of the issue agreed that illegal workers hold thousands of jobs that otherwise would go unfilled at the wages offered. BULLSHIT! Take away the ILLEGALS and the jobs will pay better or the companies will go out of business.

The agriculture industry is "almost entirely dependent on undocumented workers," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. So she's advocating Leagal Slavery as long as the Slaves are ILLEGALS

"America should not have to choose between being a welcoming society and being a lawful society," Bush said at a naturalization ceremony for new citizens. "We can be both at the same time." As long as they enter the country LEGALLY

Bush has said he favors a guest worker program, but it is unclear whether the administration would insist on a provision to require illegal immigrants already in the country to return home before they are allowed to apply for citizenship.

At several critical points, committee Democrats showed unity while Republicans splintered. In general, Graham, Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas and Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, who is seeking re-election this fall, voted with the Democrats. That created a majority that allowed them to shape the bill to their liking. ALL THREE OF THESE REPUBLICANS NEED TO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE EVEN IF IT COSTS US THE SENATE

This is the most important issue facing the country today. It is Equal to if not more important than the War On Terror. These people are not the backbone of America as they are being portrayed the are the Dregs of Mexican Society. Over 25% of Federal prisoners in this country are ILLEGALS. 95% of the outstanding MURDER warrants in the State of California are for ILLEGALS. Every day there are shoot outs and attacks on American citizens in our Border states involving ILLEGALS. These people are PISSING on the American Dream that your and My ancestors sought when they came to this country.
We The People that VOTE need to Punish these Politicians that are putting the Future of our Country at risk. WE CAN NOT BE SILENT ON THIS ISSUE!

if you would like to read the whole article that I took this information from please do so by following the Link.

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