Monday, February 27, 2006

Ports and Borders

Lets look at the real problem SECURITY. The problem is not that DPW is going to run some ports, the problem is the same as the security problem at the Border. The fact that there is NONE. That's what this comes down to. I don't like DPW but they have a hell of a reputation for running some of the best Port Facilities in the world, and they don't like Unions. Right there they've got my vote. However do I think it's a good Idea that ANY ARAB country be involved in running our ports HELL NO.

The problem is GW is weak on the physical border security of this country. The number of terrorists and drug smugglers that are storming over our southern border is a joke. However it's not a laughing matter. The ILLEGAL immigration problem is bankrupting the southern half of the country.

The ports are a major threat. A WMD if one were to be smuggled into the country would more than likely be brought in this way just due to the logistics. Add on top of that the million can version of three card Monty and you would be stupid not to try. Only 5% of the shipping containers are even being looked at let alone subjected to a real search or scan. That is the Governments fault. NOT the fault of DPW or any other Company that would run our ports. Are Government is putting us at risk everyday due to this lack of security.

Every port in the Nation needs to have a Nuclear detection scanner that a ship has to pass through before entering the port. These machines do exist. What the cost of 50 of these machines would be will be astronomical, but what will the cost be of a detonation in Philly, NY, or SF be?

The responsibility for this task rests solely on the Federal Government. Its original and sole purpose by Constitutional Law is to Protect and Defend us. So far on the Homeland front the are grossly negligent on providing what we are paying for.

This is the real issue of this whole debate about the Ports, yet most people are ignoring it. We need a complete revamping of how business is done at our points of entry. Whether those points are by land or Sea. The Military needs to be stationed at our borders and our ports the flow of traffic into the country must be controlled. Right now it is not. We are a nation that is at war and under seige. This is what we need to face, like it or not the wholes that we are providing for the people that want to kill us are there and will be used.

This debate about the Ports could be providing us the vehicle to deal with this vulnerability yet I will lay dollar to donuts that we will miss the opportunity.

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