Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Moscow believes Iran has developed a large nuclear device in its “preliminary stage.”

How Long Before The US or Israel BOMBS these little Bastards??

Russian FM Sergei Lavrov put this information before the five permanent UN Security Council and Germany, which Tuesday night, Jan. 30, agreed for the first time to haul Iran before the UN body over its nuclear program. Until then, Moscow and Beijing had stood out against the UN nuclear watchdog’ referring the Iran dossier to the Security Council. Tehran hit back Wednesday by saying the decision was unconstructive and the end of diplomacy
According to Lavrov, Russian intelligence estimates that Iran is now capable of detonating this non-weaponized nuclear device - or in other words carrying out its first nuclear test.
DEBKAfile sources add: This estimate which Russian president Vladimir Putin passed to President George Bush some weeks ago is challenged by US and Israeli nuclear experts, who do not believe Iran is up to the stage of a nuclear device. However, on Jan. 21, the opposition FDI claimed Iran would carry out its first nuclear test before the Iranian new year, which falls on March 20.
Ahead of the IAEA’s Thursday meeting in Vienna, a leaked report claimed Iran had last week given the watchdog sensitive documents which apparently showed how to mold highly enriched uranium into the hemispherical shape of warheads, in an effort to stave off referral to the Security Council. At the same time, according to the same unnamed diplomats, the agency passed to Tehran intelligence provided by the US that suggests Iran has been working on details of nuclear weapons, such as missile trajectories and ideal altitudes for exploding warheads. When the IAEA asked Iran for an explanation of the documents, Tehran replied they had been obtained from members of a nuclear black market network.
Still ahead of the nuclear watchdog’s meeting, Moscow and Beijing dispatched diplomats to Tehran to explain that their support for referral to the Security Council did not mean an end to diplomacy.
Referring the issue to the UN would have a “very big effect” on oil prices, Libyan Energy Scretary Fathi Hamed bin-Shatwan said Tuesday at an OPEC meeting in Vienna.
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Interesting Add On:

Muslim nations will deal heavy blow to those blaspheming prophet

Bushehr Province, Feb 1, IRNA
Iran-President-Blasphemy President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that the Muslim nations will deal heavy blow to those who ventured into blaspheming Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Speaking to a large crowd of people who had gathered to welcome him in Genaveh, President Ahmadinejad said that the Western governments proved to have attempted to confront the Muslims.
"You will never be able to stand against the Muslims. God willing, the Muslims would disappoint those who embark on barbaric language against other religions," he said.
"The so-called advocates of freedom and human rights regard blasphemy against prophet of Islam as freedom of expression, but, the same governments are being annoyed with questioning systematic crimes of Israel against defenseless Palestinians. They are annoyed with the fact that the modern world is thirsty for Islam and the Islamic culture.
"They have stood against resurrection movement of Islam. They think that they can undermine the world nations faith in Islam with desecration of Islamic sanctities, but, the Muslim nations will give them a good lesson," President Ahmadinejad said.
The press of several Scandinavian states have simultaneously printed caricatures which was followed by protest of the Muslim nations.
They protested to Denmark, Sweden and Norway governments against the press for printing materials which Muslims regard as blasphemous.
Islamic legal code calls for putting to death those found guilty of blaspheming Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

2 more statements taken from Al Jazeera

Iran vows to resist Western pressures

Iran's president has labelled the US a "hollow superpower" and declared his country would defy Western pressure and complete its nuclear programme.

"Our nation will continue its path until full realisation of its rights, nuclear energy is our right, and we will resist until this right is fully realised."

"Any attack against Iran's peaceful nuclear facilities will meet a swift and crushing response from the armed forces,"

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