Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hamas defends close relations with Iran

Al-Khalil, Feb 23, IRNA
Palestine-Hamas-Iran The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has defended close relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying the next Palestinian government would seek closer and stronger ties with Islamic countries.
Hamas' spokesman in the southern West Bank Nayef Rajoub told IRNA that "Americans would be disappointed if they thought that we will seek to please the west at the expense of our relations with the Muslim world." Rajoub, who is expected to assume a ministerial position in the upcoming Hamas-led government, said Hamas viewed Iran as a "sisterly nation that we respect and love." "We will not keep a distance between us and Iran just to please and appease the United States and the oppressive entity (Israel)." Rajoub said Hamas and the Palestinian government would seek to create good relations with all countries including Europe and the US.
"Our problem is with the Zionist regime, with the occupiers of our homeland and oppressors of our people." Rajoub said the resistance against the Israeli occupation would continue as long as the occupation itself continued.
"The resistance itself is not a strategy. It is a means to end this evil occupation and oppression. If the international community gives us credible assurances that the occupation will end soon, then we will observe calm." 2089/260/1771

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