Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Carter Pledges that The world should Support Hamass

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...is give terrorists a chance! Poor John Lennon, betcha he wished he had coined that phrase instead of giving peace a chance! Never mind, America's WORST ever President. Jimmy Carter has got there first in his recent pronouncement that financial aid MUST continue to the Palestinian Authority and that the Hamas government DESERVES to be recognised by International leaders.
Showing the moral bankruptcy which has become the hallmark of ol' Peanut Brain, and which earned him the undying support of the liberal MSM, Carter said;
"The people of Palestine - who already suffer... under Israeli occupation - will not suffer because they are deprived of a right to pay their school teachers, policemen, welfare workers, health workers and provide food for people."
I bet the Nazi monsters that control Hamas must be laughing at the staggering stupidity of Carter. Hamas is crystal clear about its central objective; it wishes to drive every Jew out of the Holy land. If that means killing them, fine! Hamas celebrates the death of innocent Israeli men, women and children. It has said it will NOT give up on its murderous campaign. And yet Jimmy Carter wants to both see funding provided for it and recognition given to the anti-Semitic barbarians that run it. Shame on Carter - expect to see the MSM in the UK conveniently ignore this.
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