Friday, January 20, 2006

The Wrong Approach to Immigration Reform

This guy should NOT hold this office!

The Wrong Approach to Immigration Reform

By Thomas J. Donohue,

President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The key to effective immigration reform is a comprehensive approach that strikes the right balance between security and opportunity. In other words, we must take steps to better secure our borders against terrorists and criminals, but, for the sake of our economy, we must also provide immigrants with the opportunity to fill jobs for which there are not enough Americans.
Last month, the House of Representatives passed legislation that is anything but comprehensive and balanced. "The Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005," H.R. 4437, mandates that all employers of all sizes comply with a new government-run electronic/telephonic verification system to ensure that all employees are authorized to work in the United States.
Once again proof that these IDIOTS, profesional bureaucrats don't get it. We can NOT address the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION problem if we can't stop them from coming in. The House Bill goes along way in stopping ILLEGAL immigrants. It puts a 750 mile long fence on our border to help stem the flow of ILLEGALS into our country. It also puts HARSH penalties on Employers who hire ILLEGALS.
This concept is based on a limited pilot project that involved just 3,600 employers and applied to new hires only. Even with that narrow scope, there have been many practical, documented reliability problems with the program. However, that didn’t stop the House from voting to apply the same system to more than seven million employers and 140 million employees.
It is only a problem for the TEN Million ILLEGALS in the country, and the Employers that employ them. The only people that it creates a problem for even now are the ones with FAKE Social Security numbers.
Also of great concern is the massive, in some cases uncapped, increases in penalties against employers. The bill calls for up to a 25-fold increase in paperwork violation penalties--up to $25,000 per individual.
Thats right if you have ILLEGALS working for you and you have not verified their documents you get fined. Its called enforcing the LAW you IDIOT.
Equally troublesome is what the bill lacks. H.R. 4437 ignores the need for an efficient temporary worker program that allows employers to recruit immigrant workers when there is a shortage of domestic workers, as well as the need to provide legal status for qualified, screened undocumented migrants now in our country.
There is NO problem with recruiting LEGAL immigrants it is an ENFORCEMENT bill to penalize those that hire ILLEGALS. This is NOT an amnesty or a guest worker bill. This is a bill to SECURE our borders. Why should we give LEGAL status to people that BROKE THE LAW in how they got here?
Make no mistake - the Chamber supports increased national security and control of our nation’s borders. We do support the creation of an electronic employment verification system. But it must be practical, fast, and reliable. New laws that simply place more burdens on employers and make them pay for lapses in border security and law enforcement are not the answer.
The Bill does NOT make them pay for LAPSES in border security it FINES them for hiring ILLEGALS. If you want a guest worker or an amnesty Bill Mr. Donohue propose one. In the meantime worry about how the Commerce of this Country is affected by the cost of ILLEGAL immigration.

We all need to write this man and tell him to go scratch.

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