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Michelle Malkin once again just does GREAT posts

God I would love to have her resources. Once again Kudos Ms. Malkin

By Michelle Malkin · January 07, 2006 06:05 AM
This. Is. Priceless.
As I noted in the post just below, Sgt. Mark Seavey confronted Democrat Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha at a town hall meeting in Arlington, Va., earlier this week and left the moonbats momentarily speechless. Greyhawk transcribed Sgt. Seavey's comments. I have now isolated and captured the video clip from C-Span for educational purposes and for posterity:Download the video (.wmv file).

Sgt. Mark Seavey to Murtha and Moran: "I don't know who you two are talking to but the morale of the troops is very high."

My favorite moments were the look on Rep. Jim "Bad Boy" Moran's face when Sgt. Seavey challenged the Dems' "demoralized troops" meme and noted that Moran didn't bother to send a single word of praise or attend a homecoming event when 200 of his Moran's constituents returned from duty in Afghanistan...

...and the look on Murtha's face as Moran scrambled to move on to a friendly moonbat questioner...
I received an e-mail from Sgt. Seavey late last night. He told me:
I was so upset, you wouldn't believe it. I speak to large audiences regularly, but never such a hostile one, and never when I am so upset, so I was really nervous about how I came off.
You done good, Sgt. Seavey. Sane Americans everywhere are grateful for your bravery and service on the battlefield overseas--and at home.

By Michelle Malkin · January 07, 2006 11:05 AM
Sgt. Mark Seavey was outnumbered, but not alone at the moonbat townhall hosted by Reps. Jim Moran and John Murtha last week. Near the end of the marathon session, a Vietnam veteran, General Wagner, stepped up to the microphone to deliver a message from the mother of an Iraqi war vet who gave his life for his country and for the mission. After reading a scathing letter addressed to Murtha, Wagner talked about his own experience in Vietnam:
General Wagner speaks the truth
Download the video (.wmv file).
A snippet of Wagner's remarks:
I visit Walter Reed [Army Hospital] and talk to the young soldiers with their legs blown off. I know you do, too. I can't find one in a dozen that don't believe that they are fighting for a noble cause and are fighting to go back. And I think it's a disgrace when members of our Congress --just as they did in 1975 when they sold out the south Vietnamese--are selling out our soldiers today in Iraq!
You will be jumping out of your seat and cheering by the end of the clip. When Rep. Moran answers by delivering Cindy Sheehan-esque platitudes to the wild applause of the left-wing audience, Wagner does the only thing a decent man would do: He stands up and walks out.
General Wagner, wherever you are, thank you and God bless you.
Mudville Gazette has the full transcript.
Thanks for the Lead Mikes America

Mikes America Has a really good post on Maddog Murtha which is what lead me to these videos from Michelle

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  1. CITY TROLL is the name of this blog...? This is amazing considering that Mark C. Seavey is a military kook blogger over on the burn pit blog and the cyber/suicide blog named "this ain't hell".

    I have seen the dastardly things these enabler civilians and military kook millennial veterans are casting upon the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans for their cyber/sport fun.

    Their Mark C. Seavey's "this ain't hell" blog was expelled off the (bee-hive) ISP servers for illegall cybe activities. SHAME ON MICHELLE MALKIN. What is your secret fake profle name on that blog. Inquiring minds want to know.