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Mexico seeks international support against deadly US border wall

This is the most important issue of the upcoming year. This Article is running in Pravda the Russian MSM. It should be running here. No matter what else is discussed this year we as the American Public have to Shove this issue down our Politicians Throats!

12/28/2005 11:53

US lawmakers proposed to build some 700 miles of barriers to stop illegal immigration from the South.

Sixteen years after the fall of the Berlin wall, another barrier of bricks is being fuelled to separate two nations and stop immigration. A proposal by U.S. lawmakers to build some 1,130 kilometers of barriers along their nation's southern border as part of efforts to stop illegal immigration has irritated Mexicans, who are seeking international support to block Washington's plans.

Can you believe this bullshit. First of all the Soviets built the Berlin Wall to PREVENT their people from escaping. Sneaking across our border at night is not Immigration it's Invasion. Oh and I love the fact that this irritates the Mexicans. Who gives a damn. They are the invading horde.

The Mexican Congress is asking legislatures in Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries to join a coalition against the US proposal. The request, backed by the Mexican President Vicente Fox, is contained in a letter drafted by the speaker of the Mexican lower house, Heliodoro Diaz.

Why don't they ask these countries to aid them in inproving the conditions in Mexico so that their citizens wouldn't need to flee across the border to the US to earn enough money to live.

"I hereby ask you, in an act of unity among Ibero-American Congresses, that you share our concern about and condemnation of (the U.S. wall), and that you express the deepest solidarity with the Mexican Congress, in order to impede the construction of a wall on the border of the United States of America with Mexico, and the approval of the law promoting it," says the missive.

Fine we have to express in no uncertain terms to our Politicians that if they give in to this that they will be voted out of office. We should also stress that all Aid should be cut off from Mexico and any other country that joins them in this effort to protect our southern border from ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS.

On Dec. 16, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill that envisions building 700 miles of fences along the border with Mexico, makes illegal immigration a crime - it is currently a civil offense - and calls for prosecuting U.S. citizens who aid undocumented migrants.

Thats CORRECT it will now be a FELONY if you are found in this country ILLEGALY. It is already a crime on the books to hire or aid these ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS.

Mexican authorities have expressed their concerns on the proposals, as if it is finally approved by the Senate, it could become a hot spot in what already is a key issue for the relations between both North American nations.

Ahh lets have a pitty party for the poor Mexican Government they might have to start worrying about taking care of their own people, instead of lending Military Support to Drug Runners crossing our Border.

In his letter, Diaz expresses his respect for the legislative function of the United States Congress, but points out that the phenomenon of migration, for its social and economic effects, should be looked at in a comprehensive way within a bilateral framework.

Once again BULLSHIT the Mexicans don't want any control on our Border they want their people to be able to come here and stay here. That is NOT migrant working, plus $20Billion dollars a year are sent into Mexico by these ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS. This Fence will definitly hurt their Economy.

"The aforesaid law, should it be approved, will result in highly negative effects for our countries, such as criminalizing migration, violating the human rights of migrants to that nation, exacerbating racism against minorities, and repudiating various agreements achieved through existing free-trade treaties," the document says.

That is the biggist load of BULLSHIT yet. True it will hurt them economicly because they will have to take care of their poor and unemployed instead of unloading them on us. It does NOT crinalize migration, it is designed to STOP THE CRIMANAL TRESPASS OF OUR BORDER. Preventing ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS from entering the US does in no way Violate the RIGHTS of migrants. These people are NOT MIGRANTS they are TRESPASSERS and have NO RIGHTS in the US. They want to call it racist but LEGAL immigrants are always welcome from ANYWHERE in the world. And there is NOT one Free-Trade Treaty that says we have to allow ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS to Cross our border.

Mexican Foreign Minister, Luis Ernesto Derbez, met Monday with the US Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Zoellick, to complain about the initiative. Derbez said the bill was "racist." President Fox had said last week that the new wall was "a shame" and a "bad signal of the United States to Latin America."

Why has this not been reported in the American Press?? Whats the matter the NY Times to busy trying to give terrorists a hand in killing us to report REAL NEWS? I found this story in Russias NewsPaper not any where here in the US.

According to Human Rights groups, about 500 Latin American immigrants die annually in the US-Mexican border, many of them killed by US guards. Those immigrants looking for better conditions of life are only from Mexico but from close U.S. allies such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and other Central American nations.

The only Mexicans killed on our Border are the DRUG RUNNERS that get into gun fights with the border patrol and local police when they are stoped trying to bring shipments of Drugs across our Border. If the Mexican Government and the other Latin American Countries want better conditions for their people than THEY should creat those better conditions in THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRIES instead of encouraging them to enter our country ILLEGALY.

If finally built, the wall will be the longest in world's history, not including the Chinese one in the list.

And it can't be built quick enough.

This issue is as important if not more important than the war on terror. In a lot of ways it is part of that war. It is also crucial to the economic well being of the US. The cost of ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS on our medical, criminal justice, and welfare systems is our biggest internal threat and burden on our economy.

We can not allow the ASSHOLES in Washington to continue to allow our country to be invaded by ILLEGAL TRESPASSERS

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