Saturday, January 14, 2006

Latest News- Kabul TIMES:

Here's Some News were NOT getting in the MSM on Afghanistan.

SuperPats Called it FIRST
Massoud's Northern Alliance Seizes Control of Afghan Parliament and Government in a Bloodless Coup-
Qanooni is being hailed as a "winner in a close race" by the western press. What the press is failing to grasp is that Qanooni was running against two other Northern Alliance leaders in the election for Chief (equivalent to Prime Minister). After winning the most powerful position in Afghanistan, Qanooni promptly resigned as leader of his own political party, and took over leadership of a new United Afghanistan political party, unifying dozens of independent parties in the greatest Afghan coalition formed since Massoud's United Front fought the 2001 war.

Yunis Qanooni in Command !
12/21/2005 Kabul- Yunis Qanooni Elected Chief of Parliament (Prime Minister). In a move that shocked anyone that thought they knew anything about Afghan politics, former President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who western pundits thought would be the spoiler and take the necessary votes from Qanooni to win the race for the most powerful man in Afghanistan, called a press conference and withdrew at the very last moment, throwing his support to Qanooni and calling Qanooni his son, the nation's son, and the son of freedom. Karzai's plan to defeat Qanooni, supported by tens of millions in US taxpayer funds secretly passed from Karzai to Rabbani to insure the defeat of Qanooni, was flushed into the sewer without so much as a farewell. Qanooni vowed to renew the war against terror.
It was a devastating blow to Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad's plot to redirect the history of Afghanistan, and insure it's complete Pashtunization by former Taliban elements in an effort to "compromise in the interest of peace."
Now that the election is over and Qanooni is officially in control, both of his opponents have joined him in a new "United Front" to follow Massoud's way and stand against the Karzai government through politics instead of war.
After the election Former President Rabbani met privately with Hamid Karzai and told him, "you did this to yourself. I gave you the country to protect the people from crime and terrorists and protect freedom and you sold your heart and destroyed your people. I never would have given you the presidency had I ever known what you were going to do. Now your time is done, and now Yunis Qanooni will stop the terrorists and bring security and the real freedom that our people deserve after 25 years of war."
Qanooni then turned over the leadership of his political party, the largest in Afghanistan, to Rabbani and became the leader of a Unity Afghanistan party designed to resurrect Commander Massoud's United Front.
Make no mistake about it, the Lords of War are in control and Afghans are already sleeping easier knowing that things are about to get much better for all of them. MORE HERE

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