Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Iran removed the Seals from it's Reactor today.

This is getting to be just a silly exercise in political bullshit. As the Mad Mullahs build their bomb the world body politic wrings its hands, and talks about sanctions. Here is a Story from the Jerusalem Post regarding it. Here is also a story about the missiles Iran is building to carry those bombs and who is selling the parts to them.

The Bombing needs to commence. No negotiations are going to stop them from doing EXACTLY what they say they want to do. Which is wipe Israel off the map, and turn the US into a vassal Caliphate.

I've got a better idea. Lets bomb the crap out of them and then impose sanctions. Another key part is to not only bomb the suspected nuclear sites, but bomb every piece of their oil infrastructure. We should leave them with the no ability to export and refine oil as well as uranium.

They can then spend their time and money rebuilding their oil production instead of their bomb production.

trailing toon Cox&Forkum

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