Monday, January 09, 2006

Great Post from A Tangled Web

A Great Post from David Vance

I suppose that I will be labelled a war-monger BUT isn't it high time that we started bombing Iran? I'm talking about In-depth bombing, specifically of all Iranian military and nuclear facilities, which might then, as this article suggests, "weaken or remove any government ability to suppress the likely riots that would follow and allow a smooth overthrow of the current regime that would follow".
It strikes me that Iran could NOT be more direct about its genocidal ambitions and it simply cannot be permitted to gain nuclear weaponry. It's a no-brainer that the UN and the EU can be relied upon to bluster, complain but ultimately do nothing. The responsibility to deal with the deranged Tehran regime will fall upon Israel, which the Mad Mullahs plan to destroy - and the USA - which Iran plans to economically cripple. It's time for all the hollow diplomacy to end. Let's sock it to the Mullahs - time to rock the casbah back a few centuries.

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