Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Great General is Dying

As Ariel Sharon lies on hospital bed fighting for his life, we pray for him. The man who single handedly started the settlement movement, only to later in his life dismantle it to allow a Palestinian state to start to be formed. Now leaves politics whether he lives or dies. Without him the centrist movement in Israel dies a quick death. After the disaster of the lefts negotiations with the PLO through Rabin that led to the intifada and the murder of over 1000 Israelis, which gave Sharon his power base on the right. Once again Israel will more than likely turn to the right again to fill the void of power. This path leads to one man Netanyahu. His base and those that have doubts and fears of Israel's future especially with the pullout will flock to him for strength. Bibi will secure Israel if nothing else. Any hope the Palestinians had of easy negotiations over the west bank just evaporated. This may lead to a gain in strength for Hamas amongst the Pally's but there will be no withdraw from the West Bank and no division of Jerusalem. The other thing that will be a certainty is an attack on Iran's nuclear capabilities. My prayers go out to Sharon and his family, while my heart sighs with relief that Netanyahu will be leading Israel.

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