Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Disaster that we call New Orleans

As the lies of racism and a Federal Government screwup fade as more and more facts prove that the problems that condemned New Orleans were local and State government problems.

The truly American tragedy of New Orleans continues. With the bulk of its terminally welfare and crime addicted citizens scattered through out the country, whom less than 10% have found jobs to try and better their situation. New Orleans local and state government drag their feet in any effort to rebuild and reclaim its wayward children. The Mayor and local politicians that left their constituents to die have put a hold on Elections but steam forward with plans and preparations for Mardi Gras. God forbid anyone gets the opportunity to vote them out, but we can still have a party. New Orleans mayor says Mardi Gras will go on, despite incomplete Katrina recovery

The commission that was formed to evaluate and plan the rebuild has already slated dozens of areas not to be rebuilt and has placed a four-month moratorium on new building permits in areas heavily flooded by Hurricane Katrina. N.O. residents angry about rebuilding ideas

Could this be a new trend in Democrat politics? I say this only semi-joking. If we look at the trend with local governments using eminent domain to force people out of their homes to allow builders to build Marinas, Shopping Malls, and Condos and the criminal behavior of New Orleans as the drag their feet slower and slower making it next to impossible for their destitute citizens to come home, it is a trend that is taking place.

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