Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bin Laden Warns of Attacks, Offers Truce

But god forbid we better NOT listen to any Phone Calls to terrorists coming from Al-Qaida we might violate their Civil Rights
The Democrats want to prevent the NSA from monitoring TERRORIST phone calls and e-mails. They want to Impeach Bush for trying to protect us from what Bin Ladin Admits, that they are PLANNING ATTACKS in our country. If an attack takes place and it is found out that they have been receiving instructions from across the ocean will the Democrats and the NY Times take the blame or blame Bush for not connecting the dots?

Jan 19 10:28 AM US/Eastern
CAIRO, Egypt
Al-Jazeera aired an audiotape purportedly from Osama bin Laden on Thursday, saying al-Qaida is making preparations for attacks in the United States but offering a truce to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.
The voice on the tape said heightened security measures in the United States are not the reason there have been no attacks there since the Sept. 11, 2001, suicide hijackings.
Instead, the reason is "because there are operations that need preparations, and you will see them," he said.
"Based on what I have said, it is better not to fight the Muslims on their land," he said. "We do not mind offering you a truce that is fair and long-term. ... So we can build Iraq and Afghanistan ... there is no shame in this solution because it prevents wasting of billions of dollars ... to merchants of war."
The speaker did not give conditions for a truce in the excerpts aired by the Arab broadcaster.
  • "Your President Bush has been misleading you. He has lied when he said that the people are behind him. Opinion polls have indicated that the overwhelming majority of you want him to pull the troops out of our land.

  • "We have the answer to these misleading information. The situation in Iraq is getting worse for you and the dead and the injured among you is on the rise,"
  • the voice on the tape said.

  • "It's only a matter of time,
  • "
    the voice said, referring to attacks.
  • "They are in the planning stages, and you will see them in the heart of your land as soon as the planning is complete."
  • "In response to the substance of the polls in the U.S., which indicate that Americans do not want to fight Muslims on Muslim land, nor do they want Muslims to fight them on their land, we do not mind offering a long-term truce based on just conditions that we will stick to."

  • "We are a nation that God banned from lying and stabbing others in the back. Hence, both parties of the truce will enjoy stability and security to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, which were destroyed by war."

  • "There is no problem in this solution, but it will prevent hundreds of billions from going to influential people and warlords in America -- those who supported Bush's electoral campaign. And from this, we can understand Bush and his gang's insistence on continuing the war,"
  • the voice said.
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