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Times People Who Mattered 2005

The Following is one of the most Biased views of America and what matters to us that has ever been compiled

The Fall of a Once Great News Magazine into Oblivion

George W Bush & Dick Cheyney
After winning re-election and claiming a mandate, the President and his No. 2 quickly squandered their political capital. Social Security reform, Iraq, Harriet Miers, Hurricane Katrina, the CIA-leak case, torture—on issue after issue, Bush and Cheney stumbled and saw their popularity drop. Although the team's numbers are improving somewhat, Republicans are facing next fall's midterm congressional elections with trepidation.
The trepidation over how many seats we will gain. No other Presidency not even Nixon has had a more biased press or fanatical lies cast at them. In the middle of a war the Press has never been more contemptable.

John Roberts
As the U.S. braced for a partisan battle over the future of the Supreme Court, the brilliant, genial lawyer, here with his son Jack, earned broad kudos and a smooth ride to the post of Chief Justice. But with the court hearing cases on such issues as abortion and free speech, Roberts may soon find himself in the fray.
In other words Time and the fanatics that they stand with can't wait for those issues to come up, so they can mount the attack they failed at during his nomination.

John McCain & Harry Reid
As President Bush tried to find his footing this year, these two Senators often proved to be more influential. McCain badgered Bush into backing his proposal to bar U.S. officials from torturing suspects abroad, while Reid, as Senate Democratic leader, kept his party unified in torpedoing the President's plan to create personal accounts for Social Security.
This one caused me to laugh out loud. McCain has damaged our military and intelligence personnel to the point that they are safer from the courts if they kill all enemy combatants instead of trying to interrogate them. He will feel the love he has engendered when he runs for President and falls on his face. Harry on the other hand is an ineffectual moonbat that has put his party in the position that the only way they can win is if America is either nuked or the economy goes in the tank. It ain't gonna happen Harry.

Tom Delay
The Texas Republican was linked to a lobbying scandal and stepped down as House majority leader after being indicted on a conspiracy charge involving the misuse of campaign funds.

Ah yes the trumped up charges that had to be refiled 3 times before the prosecutor could find a grand jury that had been sitting for less than an hour.

Joseph Wilson & Valerie Plame
All marriages weather storms, but only this career diplomat and his outed spy wife know what it's like to be at the center of the year's biggest political scandal. As the CIA-leak case heated up, Wilson kept criticizing the Administration, while Plame kept a low profile, ultimately leaving the CIA for a better assignment: taking care of the couple's 5-year-old twins.

The lying Wilsons the biggest fraud pulled by the media to date. Wilson who is a serial liar that was sent by his wife to verify the yellow cake intelligence from the Brits. Sat in his hotel room and interviewed a few people came back never filed a report, but then proceeded to launch a smear campaign against the administration based on proven lies. To the point that his moonbat wife was outed as the one who sent him. Never mind that everyone in Washington and the press corp knew that she worked for the CIA... It was suddenly the worst leak in history LOL

Patrick Fitzgerald
His CIA-leak inquiry has cast an unflattering light on the inner workings of the White House and the press. But the tight-lipped federal prosecutor, the son of a Manhattan doorman, has won respect for his independence—a Washington outsider in the best sense of the word
They are so pissed that he proved that Plames outing was not a crime and oh my God he didn't indict Rove... He should now be investigating who leaked the NSA eavesdropping story Thats what is important.

Cindy Sheehan
Who would have thought that this mother of a soldier killed in Iraq could spoil the President's vacation—and become spiritual leader of the antiwar camp? Keeping vigil outside Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch for nearly a month, Sheehan became a folksy celebrity: a hero to some and a villain to others.

The millstone around the lefts neck. Mutha Sheehan who's own family has disowned her, continues to disgrace her son's memory and profit from his death. He should be the one mentioned here for his heroic sacrifice after re-enlisting for additional tours of duty.

Ray Nagin
Could he have done more to get his people out before Katrina hit? Probably. But once the levees broke, the mayor of New Orleans embodied the pain and frustration of his city, even cursing on the radio as he joined thousands of stranded residents in wondering why their government had failed them.

The only Government that failed was his local one. As busses sat and people weren't told to leave. He then compounded his crime by trying to make it racial. The only problem is the dead didn't play along as the numbers prove the storm killed as many whites as blacks. The real cause of ALL the deaths were the Big Easy's waste of government money for decades on fluff instead of strengthening her levies.

Condolezza Rice
On trips abroad, she is greeted more like a movie star than a diplomat. At home, she has stepped out from the shadows of all the President's men and established herself as the driving force of U.S. foreign policy. Her tasks are huge—soothing allies in Europe, facing down nuclear wannabes, finding a way out of Iraq. And she must be doing something right: she's far more popular than her boss.

The people of this country and the world love her and Time has no clue why.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
He is an unlikely firebrand: the soft-spoken son of a blacksmith who still sometimes drives a 30-year-old Peugeot. But Iran's new President doesn't shrink from controversy. After winning a disputed election, he said he would continue Iran's nuclear program, called the Holocaust a "myth" and pledged to destroy Israel. Even some of the nation's ruling clerics are nervous about what he will do next.

They speak of him with a tone of admiration. This man who started his political career as a terrorist that took our people hostage in our embassy, and has single handedly brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Tony Blair
Despite taking Britain into a deeply unpopular war, he held on to his job, winning a third term as Prime Minister. The Labour Party leader had more to celebrate when London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, although terrorist attacks in the city's public-transportation system a day later abruptly ended the victory lap.

He shines as a what would be called a liberal in this country and Time feels betrayed that someone who was the British version of Bill Clinton had the balls to side with Bush on the War and still got re-elected. Even worse when his country suffered their major terror attack he had the gall to blame the terrorists.

Pope Benedict XVI
For years Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger seemed too polarizing a conservative to succeed John Paul II. But his closeness to the late Pontiff, his intellectual substance and his high profile entering the conclave turned him into the obvious choice

That just can't wait to find a reason to slam this man who they feel shouldn't be running the Church.

The Google Guys
Is this company trying to control all the world's information? By creating new ways to search photos, videos, books and more, Google founders Larry Page, left, and Sergey Brin, right—with adult supervision from CEO Eric Schmidt, center—continued their quest to make everything digital, and profitable. Investors approved, pushing the share price above $400.

OOOh the Internet the home of the feared blogging community. They can't understand how these two young turks can be masters in a realm they don't understand it must be their "adult" supervision.

Steve Jobs
If you could read this man's mind, you would see the future. He has sold more than 18 million iPods this year, more than doubled Apple's stock price (to an all-time high) and put Desperate Housewives in your pocket. Jobs' thoughts tend to become our reality. What will he think of next?

Perhaps how not to have this all stolen out from under him again by Bill Gates Times man of the year. I wonder if they asked Steve his opinion of Gates?

Geena Davis
Ginger Rogers, it is said, did everything Fred Astaire did—backward and in high heels. In a similar fashion, Davis, as the steely-spined first woman President on ABC's Commander in Chief, once defused a crisis while dancing with the President of Russia. Does the drama's success bode well for Hillary or Condi? They'd have big shoes to fill.

Yes a show with zero ratings, poor writing, and no appeal. It sounds like a definite platform for Hillary.

Darth Vader
Turns out he was just misunderstood. Critics hailed George Lucas' Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith for giving resonance to the space baddie's downfall. Anakin Skywalker, led astray by his master, loses his morals and the love of his life—but gains a cool mask.

Hopefully the last film to tarnish the magic of the first three. God please NO MORE.

Kanye West
For a college dropout, he has a lot to say. The hip-hop megastar freestyled an outraged rant on a TV benefit for Katrina victims: "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Controversy or no, his latest CD has sold more than 2 million copies, proving there is a big audience for his lectures.

Proves nothing except bad taste in music. If this man wasn't propped up by a label he would be doing time. Oh and Kanye the dead also prove you wrong, you little racist...

Michelle Wie
Before even turning pro in October, which earned her $10 million in endorsements, the 16-year-old wunderkind of women's golf this year finished second in three LPGA events, became the first woman to make the field in a USGA national men's championship—and coped with curious chickens in Honolulu.

A fine young athlete. How she ever made Times list I won't even take a guess at.

Where are the Soldiers? Where are the Iraqi people? Where are the Afghanistan women voters? Where are all the families of those that have lost loved ones in the most important war since WWII? Time is a joke and not a very funny one. As it's readership dwindles with its influence, will it ever regain a grip on reality or just wind up on the bottom of the bird cage? My parrot won't even crap on it, he says it's redundant!

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