Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Tap our minds, instead

Another Moonbat Flying Around the Senate

By Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash)

In the minds of many, Alaska's pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge might seem irrelevant to the ordinary business of our lives or the great challenges of our time. But the fight to protect the refuge today is also a fight to confront our national priorities for tomorrow.

And Senator our priorities need to be Domestic oil development here in the US. Yo complain that the war in Iraq is over oil yet you fight against making us less dependant. Thats called being an Ass or being just stupid, which are you?

Those who limit this discussion to caricatured arguments about the competing value of oil reserves and protected lands are irresponsible. We must ask hard questions. (Related: Our view)

Here is the hard question for you. Contrary to what you would like people to believe this field would produce the equivalent over the next ten years of what we would import from Saudi Arabia. You would rather us stay tied to the Saudi's than use our own resources to by us ten years of time to bring other types of fuel on line. WHY?

Realizing that God gave America less than 3% of the world's remaining oil, would we rather gamble on the future goodwill of unfriendly Middle East regimes, or bet instead on American ingenuity and investment?

That Senator is a bold face LIE when was the last time you checked what the oil researve capacity of the US was. We have more of a researve than the Saudi's. Why do you feel you have to LIE to present your case? You would think that someone that sits on the Energy Commision would at least build her Case with HONEST numbers.

Drilling advocates argue that we ignore the need for an immediate boost to domestic oil supply. But their arguments ignore the facts: Opening the refuge would do little to meet our energy needs and nothing to reduce prices.

Once again False information the production would allow us to cut imports from an area of the world we are currently at war with. The price is another red herring. If your commitee would allow more refineries to be built even without drilling in Anwar the price of oil would go down. A new refinery hasen't been built in over 40yrs.

Not one drop would come from the refuge for 10 years. At its peak, drilling would cut our reliance on imports by only 4 percentage points and the price of gas by just one penny.
Others claim it can't hurt. They're wrong: It would hurt badly. Oil companies drilling on the neighboring North Slope have caused, on average, 504 spills annually since 1996. They have released almost 2 million gallons of toxic substances, most commonly diesel, crude and hydraulic oil. Just one spill can significantly damage this fragile ecosystem.

Every where in the Alaskan refuge that oil development has taken place the wildlife has doubled in population the Carribeu alone have doubled directly from utilizing the heat generated off of pipelines. And where is you data to backup these polution numbers. No MAJOR spils have occured.

The plan before Congress could make matters worse. Not only would it hijack defense funding that our troops desperately need, this plan would also circumvent many federal laws — safeguards with which every American business has to comply.

Oil is Germain to our national defense incase you havent noticed our ships, tanks, and planes run on it. The laws you are talking about are the environmentalist wacko rules that this ammendment was designed to change, so NO laws would be broken.

We have other choices. We should empower our farmers to grow cost-competitive biofuels, and we should produce cars that let Americans get more miles to the gallon.

Yeah peace, love, and Bobby Sherman sweetheart. We are making a choice we are choosing OIL when you get these other imaginary fuels up to a production level that makes them useable then we will use them. Right now these things don't produce enough fuel to run the country for a single day. You want us to cease using oil period. You live in a fantasy land, it never ceases to amaze me that people elect people like you that live in a fantasy world.

By tapping our nation's spirit of innovation, we would stabilize prices, expand supply and reduce the burden on so many hard-working families. By investing in alternative fuels and new technology, America could cut its oil use in half and do far more to secure our energy independence than drilling in the Alaska wildlife refuge ever could.

Yeah with about 30 to 40 years more of Research and Development Maybe. What about the meantime. There are enough oil researves in this country to keep us energy independant for at least 150yrs, let us drill it and let us build refineries. Right now Senator You are part of the PROBLEM not the solution.

Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

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