Friday, December 30, 2005

My Thoughts at the End of the Year

There are several ways that you can look at the year that just passed. We could list all the bad things that happened. The thousands that were murdered in the streets of our cities.
The blame game politics over the unnecessary deaths of 500 people in New Orleans as the local politicians shoved their heads up their collective asses and proved that the only thing they were proficient at was pointing their fingers at everyone else.
The ransacking of homeland security money in NJ to be used as political payoff money.
The ignoring of the threat and problem of our southern border.
The exposure of a once great News organizations who in the last year motivated by just pure political hate has jeopardized the lives of every American by no longer reporting news but by playing politics and revealing intelligence operations that in their exposure aided the enemy, making it harder for us to catch them before they try and kill us.
The betrayal of our troops in the field as our own politicians compared them to Nazis and keepers of Russian style gulags.
The number reached 2500 brave Heroes that gave their lives fighting for what they believed in, even while elements of our government launched campaign after campaign against them inciting the radicals that worship their socialistic faery tale of the world they wish to live in to spit on them, and belittle their sacrifice.
Their self sacrifice was and is the greatest that anyone can give, and members of our own government and our campus communist elite would rather give their support for Palestinian terror groups than to these brave men and women.
All in all I would say that a lot of our people showed their true souls this past year and it ain't pretty.

Good things happened also. Not just here but in Iraq as well. All though you would never know it by reading the MSM.
The Economy is Booming.
Unemployment has stayed lower than it ever has for the longest it ever has.

We have suffered no Terror attacks.
The house even managed to pass a bill erecting a 750 mile long double fence on the Southern Border. (I'm sure it won't survive the Senate)
We had 3 count them 3 elections in Iraq all parties are participating in forming THEIR country, in a way that will work for THEM not us.
The best thing to happen for me besides the love of my wife and kids is my Blog and the world of the Blogosphere.
The Rebirth of individual freespeech has been one of the greatest boons in the last 10 or more years. The people are being heard and a lot of people aren't very happy about it. LOL

Ahh but what about the Year to come???????? I wish to all my family, friends, and blogging compatriots a good year ahead.
If we are lucky the left will continue with their insanity, providing us the joy of laughter and additional seats in the House and Senate.


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