Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A little bit of Personal Commentary

As I sit and watch this melee, I am saddened, and angered. We are doomed to suffer several terror attacks in the next couple of years. Not because anyone will actualy stop trying to do the best job they can to protect us, no matter how much the loonies kick and fuss. The government thank God will continue to do what is necessary whether that is eavesdrop on a terrorists phone calls or apply pressure to someone when they are interrogating them.

No we will suffer from additional attacks because the terrorists believe we are vulnerable and we have softened our resolve. We can thank the Democrat leadership and the Press for the next couple of terrorist attack because they trumpet their ignorance and stupidity so loudly. They care nothing for the safety of us or our children they only care about their own hate and their desperation to regain power. The tact they are using will not gain them seats or the presidency, it will lose them more seats. They are like addicts believing their own lies and convincing themselves that they are right and the rest of the world is just stupid and persecuting them.

While the Democrats pat themselves on the back and rally around defeating and exposing procedures that are preventing acts of violence from being carried out against us. The real enemy watches and plans and waits, and they will strike again.

The Democrats and the Press have convinced themselves that we are the biggest threat to ourselves, but we are not planning on collapsing our bridges, and poisoning our water or putting a biological or nuclear weapon in one of our cities. The terrorists are, and they have sighed a great sigh of relief and are giddy with anticipation as our children are giddy with the anticipation of Christmas. They wait for their Christmas their day of celebration at the sight of dead Americans. They have repeatedly said over and over that they want to kill us. Yet these great minds of the left say we are safe now we no longer need to watch for the enemy, I would laugh if I was not frightened. I am frightened because I have children, young ones that I don't want to see hurt because of petty politics. We are at War, I know it and the enemy knows it.

After the 2006 elections the left will realize that this strategy was foolish. At least after they lose more seats I hope they will come to their senses but somehow I doubt it.

So my fellow Americans strap on your helmets and your waders for the battle is thick and the crap we must wade through is deep. I will do one thing that will piss the left off more than Bush being President, I will say publicly that I pray. I will pray for the safety of my children and yours, and hope when it does hit the fan that not that many of us die.

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