Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hidden camera in boy's bathroom

This story is frightining for two reason, first the fact that the school hid a camera in the bathroom, the second that the only person in trouble here is the student.
The true investigation of this story would be into the school and the school district. 1) How do we know that there were only two cameras and that they were in the boys room. 2) who authorized the placement of the cameras. 3) where are the films that they recorded. 4) Why was the recording equipment in the auditorium. 5) Do the laws in Kansas allow the school to perform surveillance on students without their knowledge. 6) has anyone brought this issue to the police for a formal investigation. 7) what kind of reporter doesn't even ask these questions. Not only should all these questions be asked by the formal authorities, but the news station should fire this reporter for shabby reporting.

Kim Hynes
KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An East High freshman faces expulsion for something the district says never should have happened. Monday Charles Rogers discovered a camera in the foyer of the boy’s bathroom. "The camera there period surprised me. It was a little spy camera, I didn't think anything like that was in the bathroom. I didn't think it was the schools, I thought it was a perverted janitor," Charles said.
He took the camera. He says it was in a little hole in the ceiling tile. He also took the receiver which was in the schools auditorium. "It looked like an irregular setup. It wasn't in a security room," his mom Melinda Rogers said.
Mrs. Rogers says what her son did was wrong. But she wants to know why there was a hidden camera to begin with. Eyewitness News asked the district that question.
It says cameras were installed in two boy’s bathrooms at East High to see who was drawing graffiti. "The camera was outside the bathroom part, so nobody’s privacy was violated. It's just so they could monitor people going in and out," spokeswoman Susan Arensman said. She says East High is the only school that used them. "It was a mistake and we admit this was a mistake and it won't happen again," Arensman said.
Arensman says the school put up the cameras sometime this year without telling the district. She says the other camera has now been removed.
Rogers has also been removed from East High. Next week he has an expulsion hearing for stealing the camera. "I think he should be punished. But to be expelled for the rest of the year is kind of tough. As misguided as it was, he thought he was doing good in taking down a hidden camera," his mom said. The hearing is next Tuesday, we’ll keep you posted on what happens.

Curtsey Drudge

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