Friday, December 02, 2005

Another Good one from Mikes America

Curtesy Mikes America

Withdraw from California: It's a Quagmire, Another Vietnam!

Perhaps someone should tell House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who hails from California, that her state is a quagmire... another Vietnam! Better pull our troops outta there double pronto and let the Mexicans take over!
WorldNetDaily: California homicides dwarf Iraq deaths: Recently released crime statistics show the homicide rate in California is 265 percent higher than the death rate suffered by U.S. and British military personnel in Iraq. According to the report 'Crime in California 2004,' compiled by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, there were 2,394 reported homicides in the Golden State last year. That compares with 905 deaths of coalition forces in Iraq, chiefly Americans and Brits, during the same time period.
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  1. Thanks Mike
    If Pelosi had her way maybe we could turn Iraq into California. I would love to see how San Fran would go ever in the Middle East,,Wouldn't that be fun to watch

  2. Troll: You know how much lefties are always bleating about all the innocent lives and our troops lost in Iraq.

    Do you think they might organize demonstrations in California to protest the out of control spiral of death in that state?

    Nooo!!! But they are protesting to prevent the execution of gang murder fiend "Tookie" Williams.

    Just more proof that they are so full of shit when they claim to care so much about innocent lives lost.

  3. Yeah I love it Tookie Williams founder of the Crips, killed one man exicution style bullit to the back of the head, exicuted a whole family father, mother, daughter. He is a hero to them because he writes children books.... but in there minds our troops are baby killers desearving of ridicule and they wonder why their losing elections