Saturday, November 12, 2005

The two most terrible countries in the world?

Great article from the American Thinker

The Bizar lens that Europe looks at the world through and that they lend the Democrats to view the world with is just plain STUPID

Most Europeans, their pontificators and their polls tell us, think that
America and Israel are the two most terrible polities on this planet. Not
nuclear North Korea. Not near-nuclear Iran. Not the Sudan, which is practicing
genocide. Not even Saudi Arabia, which besides exporting oil and terrorists
peddles and bankrolls extreme Wahabbism around the world.

What in Heaven’s name is happening across the Atlantic pond, especially
among the Angry Left, whom Lenin used to call the Useful Idiots? Are they
thinking rationally? Or are they just emoting against the current President of
the United States and the current Prime Minister of Israel?

When Europe’s elites and their American hangers-on proclaim that the world
despises Americans, they are being delusional. Americans are not flocking to
foreign consulates, begging for visas, or sneaking across borders and oceans, so
that they can live happily in, say, North Korea, China, Pakistan, or the Congo.
Rather, it is the other way around. When was the last time Europeans or anyone
else saw Floridians rafting to Cuba to live under Fidel Castro, or Californians
crossing deserts to work illegally in Mexico?

One wonders why the Europeans, who claim to understand everything, cannot
comprehend that for Americans September 11 was the Pearl Harbor of World War
Three. Are they so mired in their anti-Americanism that they will worry about
the Jihadist threat to Western civilization only after a biological, chemical,
or nuclear version of September 11 — not in New York or Washington, but in
London, Paris, Stockholm, or Brussels?

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