Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Curtesy A Tangled Web

Let me start by saying that I sincerely hope that kidnapped British retired Professor Norman Kember who was snatched alongside two Canadians and an American in Baghdad on Saturday is returned safe and sound, along with his colleagues. However, what on EARTH was this "avowed anti-Iraq war" peace activist thinking wandering around such a dangerous area of Baghdad? I mean the media are very quick to point out that the Professor had gained his doctorate as a peace monger by attending all the big anti-Iraq war demonstrations in London as if THAT means anything to the Saddamite cut-throats that infest parts of Baghdad!! Don't they understand that the Jihadi will slit any western throat they can get their filthy hands on? I have to be honest and make it clear that in my opinion Professor Kember is a useful fool - a man who vociferously protested as UK troops liberated 25 million Iraqis from the Saddamite scum who now, ironically, hold him as a prisoner. He may want to "build bridges" and "talk peace" - but downtown Baghdad ain't the place for septuagenarian peaceniks!

My Two Cents... I think its hystericle I can just see them as they planed this trip "were going to show the Iraqies that all westerners aren't evil conservitives" Ha Ha they just found out the terrorists don't care. Left or Right your still an Infidel LOL


  1. I almost hate to say this:

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  2. I know I felt the same way