Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Palestinians get a BLAST of their own Medicine

A Palestinisn Wedding was the Target of Terror Attack!!

What was the reaction? Oh surprise, surprise their having fits in the streets. Protests breaking out all over Jordan in anger against Al-Queda. Aww lets feel sorry for them, the Pallistinians have been blowing up Israelies for Decades. Now they get to know the JOY of that type of political commentary.

Listen to the comments of the Groom:

"The world has to know that this has nothing to do with Islam," said Ashraf al-Akhras, who lost several family members when one of the bombs went off during his wedding.
A later Web posting attributed to al Qaeda in Iraq seemed to respond to the outrage sparked by Wednesday's bombings, The Associated Press reported. Purporting too explain why "holy warriors targeted these dens," the posting states that the hotels were favorite haunts of Americans and Israelis.
"Let all know that we have struck only after becoming confident that they are centers for launching war on Islam and support the crusaders' presence in Iraq and the Arab peninsula and the presence of the Jews on the land of Palestine," the posting states, promising "catastrophic" assaults in the future that would dwarf the hotel bombings, the AP reported.
CNN could not verify if the Web postings were authentic, but U.S. intelligence officials called the claim "credible." Pentagon officials added that before the explosions a former hostage revealed that his captors had discussed such attacks on Western targets.

Now don't get me wrong I am outraged that a family on what should have been one of the Happiest Days turned into a day of Horror.
This is the same Horror however that Palistinians have been dishing out to others for Decades

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