Thursday, November 10, 2005

House Drops Arctic Drilling From Bill

Everyone of the Republicans that helped get this provision droped should be voted OUT of office in 2006.

This country needs to build 4 refineries and start drilling it's own oil again.


WASHINGTON - A solid phalanx of Republican moderates drove House GOP
leaders to drop a hotly contested plan to open an Alaskan wilderness area to oil
drilling as a sweeping budget bill headed toward a vote Thursday.
A plan to
allow states to lift a moratorium on oil drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific
coasts was also axed.
Still, passage of the broader plan cutting $54 billion
from federal benefit programs through the end of the decade remains a challenge,
even after the provision permitting oil exploration in the Arctic National
Wildlife Refuge was dropped.
The Senate has included ANWR drilling in its
budget bill and GOP leaders are likely to push hard for the final House-Senate
version of the bill to include it.
Many of the same moderates opposed to the
drilling plan remain opposed to the bill's provisions curbing Medicaid's growth,
tightening eligibility for food stamps and cutting student loan subsidies.


  1. Off topic - is it true that it was liberals, a combo of Democrats and 'greens', who opposed the rebuilding of flood protections in New Orleans -under Clinton- because it was on greenbelt. Im not sure what the term is in the US but guess its something like a wilderness area equiv?

  2. and when i say opposed i mean they successfully prevented!

  3. yes the said it would destroy wetlands...They then spent the money for that on a study to put conccesion stands on a bridge that croses the lake

  4. If you can vote them out and get conservatives elected, I'm for it...The problem is that if they get voted out and Nancy Pelosi becomes speaker of the House, the damage that ice queen will do to the U.S. will make this ANWR thing look puny.

    There's a chance to turn the ANWR thing around next week. I hope we get it, might be the last chance for quite a while.

    If we don't get it, how about we start a movement to drill for oil in those Northeastern liberal GOP districts that are opposed to it?

    I don't understand why folks in the North East should tell the people of Alasak what they can or cannot do.

  5. They are a disgrace. We need conservitive unity and a real agenda... Whers Newt when you need him