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Great Post from David Vance of A Tangled Web

November 27, 2005

Ever since 9/11, the political left and their allies in the MSM have been on their own "crusade" and that is to "prove" that Bush "lied" about the WMD and that the entire post 9/11 strategy has been an unmitigated disaster.

The "It's a quagmire, get me out of here" narrative pursued assididously by the likes of CNN and BBC is a modern day version of "The Big Lie" strategy favoured by the likes of Goebbels. Say it often enough and say it loud and people will swallow your big lie. Well, not on ATW and scores of other PRO-War sites!

Militant Islam declared war against us at least a decade ago - one could argue militant Islam has ALWAYS been at war with us. The difference is that under President Bush - and having lost thousands of lives - we finally woke up to the threat and have thankfully despatched thousands of the Jihad boys to paradise and the 72 virgins that their sexy religion teaches awaits them.
But look .. the WMD's haven't turned up so the reason given for invasion/liberation was spurious. Rubbish, and here's why!

"When Bill Clinton left office in January 2001, he was convinced that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and active WMD research and production programs. George Tenet, the Clinton appointed head of the CIA, told George W. Bush prior to the war that the case that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction was "a slam dunk." Almost all of the Democratic members of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees, seeing much of the same intelligence reports given to the White House, and with direct access to the intelligence communities and raw intelligence data, agreed. The intelligence arms of most major foreign governments, including those that opposed the war, agreed. The UN concurred that Saddam had not accounted for stockpiles of WMD that were known to exist after the end of the first Gulf War."

Based on this the logical conclusion is....Bush lied? I also would like to agree with the argument that
"Whether or not WMD are ever found in Iraq is, in fact, irrelevant to the legitimacy for this "rationale" for the war. The rationale was (among other things) that we had good reason to suspect that Saddam possessed WMD and/or had advanced and on-going programs for their creation. Saddam gave us no reason to doubt this, refusing to cooperate with U.N. weapons inspectors (in violation of the cease-fire agreement from the first Gulf War), and actually kicking them out of the country in 1998 (prompting Bill Clinton to send a few cruise missiles into suspected Iraqi WMD targets). So the rationale that it was likely that Saddam had WMD programs -- which was the primary basis for Bill Clinton making "regime change" in Iraq official U.S. policy -- was perfectly sound, and remains perfectly sound rationale for having gone to war."

Now...the situation is much better than the MSM pretend; Think about all these big wins...
Saddam is on trial. His psychopath sons are dead.
We've captured or killed scores of foreign terrorists in Baghdad.
The Iraqi people have voted in two free, democratic elections this year.
Women have been given the vote!
Iraqis have ratified a constitution and will vote for a National Assembly next month.
The long-suffering Kurds are free and no longer require 24/7 protection by U.S. fighter jets. Libya's Moammar Gadhafi has voluntarily dismantled his weapons of mass destruction.
Syria has withdrawn from Lebanon, and even the Palestinians are holding elections.
So, whilst the MSM waffle on about the imaginary quagmire, and whilst the British and US left drone on about how "BUSH/BLAIR LIED" - the benefits of the Bush policy continue to mount up.

The only problem that I see is that years of carping criticisms from the Left and the incessant "quagmire" refrain from the MSM have forced Bush to be far too timid. We need to crush the self detonating Jihadists in Iraq by ensuring that their Iranian and Syrian exporters also suffer regime change. We need to show the Arab world that being our enemy carries real and severe consequences. The likes of Saudi Arabia fall into this category. US State is continually working against US interests and either Condi sorts it or she ships out.

We are winning in Iraq but the MSM have no interest in that story. They want Republicans out of power and the appeasement minded Dems back in. That's their bottom line. They want to try understand our enemies, to sit down and work out the complicated reasons why they hate us so and why they want to kill us. What they all fail to comprehend is IF we left Iraq tomorrow, the Jihadi would follow us..back to our cities. The best battleground is where we have our brave and successful troops - and that's where we need to keep them.
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