Saturday, November 12, 2005

Did the Italians Learn Anything from WWII

I guess not. As they coddled and allowed the facists of Musalinis time to gain power they are now allowing the sympathizers and collaborators of Terror to gain power in Italy now. This article is a sample of just a symptom of the basic flaw in Italian thinking.

Italy prosecutors seek extradition of CIA agents
Nov 11, 2:57 PM (ET)

Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli speaks during an interview at his office in Rome in this...Full Image

By Phil Stewart
ROME (Reuters) -

Prosecutors have requested Italy seek the extradition of 22 suspected CIA agents
over the kidnapping of a terrorism suspect, grabbed off a street in 2003 and
taken abroad, a judicial source in Italy said on Friday.
The request was
delivered to Justice Minister Roberto Castelli.
The minister just returned
from Washington, where he discussed the issue with U.S. Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales, a U.S. justice department official in Washington D.C. said.

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