Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Canadian Ex-Defence Minister Paul Hellyer is a Genuine KOOK

Not for the fact that he believes in aliens but just for the way he proceeds on his beliefs. He made a speech in Sept that the US was shooting down alien spaceships from the moon, and he wants hearings on how to deal with this problem and the whole Intergalactic Relations problem.

This is nothing new for Mr Hellyer 35 years ago he had the Canadian Government build the first Intergalactic Landing Pad complete with a plaque that reads "All Intergalactic Travlers are Welcome Here In Peace"

At the same time this person who was running a governments Military also was involved with our own Congressman Dennis Kucinich jointly putting legislation in place to keep arms out of space in both the Canadian Parliment and the US House.

Kind of gives ya a warm fuzzy feeling knowing these two are in government don't it.


  1. This guy is gives the word MOONBAT new meaning.

  2. I love the fact he's buddys with kucinich