Monday, October 17, 2005

In an Iraqies Own Words

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saturday, october 15, 2005

"This Vote Was a Great Blow to the Terrorists"

Iraqi reader Haider Ajina emailed the following note about the Iraqi referendum on their new constitution:

Greetings All,
It seems that a larger percentage of Iraqis voted the constitutional ballot than in the election of January. 65-70%+ are the early numbers. I spoke to my father last night about 8am his time in Nejaf and he said he was going to go vote at 9am. I did not get a hold of my Grand mother and cousins the lines to Baghdad were busy. I called my father gain around 9am my time. He said he had voted (yes for the constitution) and that the turnout was strong and matters were calm. Security in Nejaf was very good indeed he said. There are a number of neighborhood watches and Iraqi security patrols. He has not seen American soldiers patrolling the street in Nejaf for weeks now. His voice was strong and very very happy almost giddy I would say. This vote alone was a great blow to the terrorists in Iraq. This was a great step towards a solid democracy in Iraq. The constitution now guarantees Iraqi’s rights and protects them from their government. The rule of law will prevail stronger now. I no longer fear for my Iraqi family from their government. They now truly hold their destiny in their hands, and they can plan for their future. The security issues are being dealt with on a daily basis and progress in Iraq is measurable and evident. Again the Ajinas in California and in Iraq owe a great thank you to the men and women of the USA (military & civilians) who are making all of this possible. Thank you for all your sacrifices, all your hard work, and your tenacity and vision and thank you for a bright future.

Regards Haider Ajina

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