Friday, October 14, 2005

Great Post From David Horowitz about Crazy Louie Farrahkahn

Black racism on the march -

Friday, October 14, 2005 4:17 PM

George Bush has appointed more blacks to higher positions of authority than any president in the history of the United States, and indeed has appointed balcks to higher positions of authority in this country than any comparable minority in any country in the history of the world. Yet an NBC poll this week reveals that only 2% of blacks "approve" the president's performance. Two percent! What could account for this failure of vision? Perhaps black Americans have been persuaded that Bush caused Hurricane Katrina that devasted the Gulf and also that only blacks died in the hurricance? And that all those whites who risked their own lives to rescue them were only a mirage. After all this is the impression conveyed by the leaders of the Democratic Party and the entire "liberal" media. Whereas the (ignored) truth is that if any individual is responsible for black deaths in New Orleans it is New Orleans black mayor Ray Nagin, who failed to evacuate his citizens even though the means, the time, and the warnings were all available to do so and it was his responsibility (and not George Bush's) to see that it was done.
This Saturday, as millions of Iraqis go to the polls to vote on the first democratic constitution in the history of the Arab Muslim world -- courtesy of George Bush -- millions of African Americans will be focused on a march in Washington led by a racist kook who has prolaimed that George Bush not Osama Bin Laden attacked America on 9/11 and followed up this feat by blowing up the levees that protected New Orleans in order, presumably, to drown its black citizens. What a disgrace this spectacle is. What a travesty this march. And the usual black leaders will be there to join Minister Farrakhan, including Al Sharpton, recent Democratic presidential candidate who has the blood of 8 lynch victims on his hands but is treated by all and sundry as a veritable statesman.
This is the last popular racism in America: The racism that blames whites for everything bad that happens to blacks and the racism that holds blacks accountable for nothing.


  1. Did you hear the Fox News story where Farrahkan is telling about his vision of being taken up in a UFO in Mexico?

    Jonathon Leffingwell who comments at M.A. has the story.

    No wonder we have such a race problem in this country.... too many crazy people on the loose.

  2. Whats shocking is that the man can get so many to follow him!

    I've heard about the 'mothership' before.

    Calypso Louie has been crazy for a long time.

  3. Mike
    I do know he believes there is a mothership hovering above DC that all the politicians are in cahoots with.

    I sat and watched his speach this weekend at the Million more or less march, The primary gist of it was that the blacks, latins, and American Indians should succede from the union farm indian land, setup factories in the carrabian and africa and sell the goods in the own stores in the cities. All paid for of course with reperation money.